A Beginner’s Guide to Must-Have Hunting Equipment


Every time a person faces nature one on one it is crucial to be ready to stay safe. And when you are about to go hinting, whether you are a beginner or an experienced hunter, this should always be your number one priority. Not many things are more important than having the right equipment with you, to ensure that you stay warm, well-fed, hydrated, and overall safe and prepared for any situation and even the worst-case scenarios.

Of course, even the best equipment is only a bunch of useless objects if you do not know how to use it, but learning what you need can not only make your adventure better, but it can even save your life in numerous ways. So, to get ready for your trip, you should find the hunting gear Australia offers to people who share this hobby and select the right equipment that best suits your needs. On top of that, you should find equipment that you will be able to carry, as well as a way to carry it comfortably and conveniently. 

Prepare for Carrying Your Equipment

hunter with backpack
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One of the most important items on the list of your hunting supplies is your backpack. A well-chosen backpack can make your trip more comfortable and even safer. Good backpacks will distribute the weight of all of your hunting gear. This means that instead of only feeling the pull of everything that you carry with you on your shoulders, more than half of it will be on your hips, making it easier to walk and endure all the hiking through rough terrain, as well as focusing on the tasks at hand.

Aside from good quality, to make sure that your backpack performs well is to find the right fit. Moreover, you should also make sure that you are getting the right size. Backpacks are very diverse, not only in terms of style and sizes but also in features. Different ones will have different numbers of pockets, access and straps. When you are getting one you should make sure that you find one that is suitable for your requirements. 

Prepare for Spending the Night in Nature

hunters camping near river
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Setting up camp and staying safe during the night in nature is a huge part of any hunting trip. This is why, the usual list of essential camping gear doesn’t only apply to hikers and camping enthusiasts, but also hunters. Your camping gear should include everything you will need to be able to get a good night sleep and be rested for the next day so that you can endure the entire trip. 

The essential items on this list include a shelter, like a bivy sack or a tent, and a sleeping bag. These items come in many different forms, and what you choose may depend on the weather conditions, the number of days you are spending on your trip, the number of people going, and so on. Additionally, you can get a tarp, hammocks and other camping gear. Furthermore, depending on how much comfort you want to provide yourself with, you can also get additional camping gear, including sleeping mats, and pillows. 

Prepare for Bad Weather

hunter hunting during rain
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Nature is beautiful and generous, but it can also be very unpredictable and unforgiving. As anyone who likes nature adventures, you probably know that many things can go wrong on trips like that. And for many of those, you will need to make sure that you are protected from the elements.

There are two most important things in this sense – staying warm and staying dry – and there are many great and innovative products that can help you achieve this in any type of condition. First of all, you should get footwear and clothing made of materials that will keep you warm, but also wick moisture away, thermal clothing, water-proof clothing, etc. Moreover, you can get a dry bag to keep spare base-layer clothing and other items dry. You may also need items that will help you keep your shelter dry, or in other words different types of protectors from water, such as rain covers, groundsheets or tarps.

Prepare for Worst-Case Scenarios

No one likes thinking about all the bad things that can happen, but being prepared for them is crucial for our safety. This is why every hunter, as well as any person who spends time in nature, needs a first aid kit. A first aid kit should include things like gauze, pads, bandages, alcohol, as well as medicines including anything you might have to take regularly, and, of course, antibiotics, anti-diarrhoea and anti-inflammatory medicine, pain-killers, ointments, epi-pens. Essentially, you need to prepare in case you get injured, ill, or your health is impaired in any other way. 

Another worst-case scenario is getting lost. In case you get lost, you will need to stay healthy (essentially making your first aid kit a part of your survival kit), you need to stay hydrated, warm and dry, and, of course, you need to make sure that you are found. So, equipment such as GPS and signalling devices can potentially save your life. There are many types of devices like this, and nowadays you can find some that won’t take up a lot of space in your backpack. A survival kit should also include a survival knife or a multitool, a repair kit, some reliable type of fire starter, good quality, durable batteries, and a hunting flashlight.

Don’t forget that staying hydrated is essential to survival, which is why having potable water is crucial. For this, you can get different types of good quality water containers, easily portable filtration systems

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Prepare for the Hunting

Besides all of these items that will help you stay safe, you also need to get ready for the hunting. Thankfully you can find a lot of good hunting gear Australia wide offered by reliable stores, that can help you select the best equipment for your particular hunting needs. These hunting supplies may include many things, such as camouflage clothing, binoculars, knives and archery.