A Guide to Ford XR6 Car Seat Covers


The Ford Falcon enjoyed a production stint of over half a century, with sales figures topping in 2003 and reaching close to 95 thousand cars (in sedan, wagon, and ute variants), a feat matched only by the Commodore in 1998. The two nameplates are Australia’s best-selling cars ever. The demise of the Australian car industry nevertheless meant that both Holden and Ford went all-in in their final years, producing gems like the XR6 pumping out 270 kW of power from its turbocharged 4-litre inline 6, and the Commodore SS delivering the same output but from a 6-litre aspirated V8. These and other cars (like those made by performance arms FPV and HSV) are now becoming collector’s items, with prices for some vehicles now exceeding 6 figures.  

Falcon owners can maintain the cabin in pristine condition with the simple, yet practical addition of Ford XR6 car seat covers. These are locally made (just as the car was) and tailored to fit the exact contours of the seats in all Falcon FG and FGX variants, including utes.  

ford xr6 car seat covers
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Why Get Seat Covers for Your Falcon 

The obvious reason to get seat covers for your Blue Oval is protection. The huge rear seats could easily fit 3 adults and the bucket seats up front comfortably wrapped around occupants. This was a car meant for all types of driving duty. From taking pets to the vet, the kids to school, doing the weekly grocery rounds (with 500+ litres in the boot), or hauling building materials to the job site in the ute.

 Covers protect the fabric, and keep it clear of stains, spills, burns, fading, dust, mud, rain, or just about anything that can spoil the cloth. With more thought put into the padding and soft-touch materials, bespoke FG Falcon seat covers will also bring back the level of comfort the seats had when new.  

Of course, there are appearances to keep up as well. A set of seat covers will keep the interior looking clean and neat, and when they do get dirty just give them a good clean. They will also cover up any damage, tears, burns, and wrinkles in the cloth. And lastly, different designs, colour schemes and details such as contrast stitching or custom embroidery, can liven up the Falcon interior with a bit more style and personalisation. 

ford xr6 car seat covers
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What to Look For 

While cheap knock-off universal seat covers are a tempting proposition due to the price, they cut too many corners. First is that they might not fit, as the ‘one-size fits all’ doesn’t take into account different seat shapes and sizes. You’ll also have trouble with the headrests. Buyers can get better materials, more comfort, and higher quality covers tailor-made to the seats in your FG Falcon. Getting them on should be quick, and there won’t be wrinkling or excess materials that ruin the look. What’s more, branded covers for your Falcon work seamlessly with side airbags, so don’t hinder safety.  

ford xr6 car seat covers
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There are at least half a dozen material choices for your Ford XR6 car seat covers, but for typical Aussie conditions, two stand out –neoprene and canvas. Both materials handle higher temperatures and sunlight well, so they won’t get uncomfortable or fade over the long term. Both are comfy, breathable, and non-slip and come in clean designs to bolster cabin appearance.  

Where neoprene covers differ is that it’s made from the same materials as wetsuits. This is waterproof, so it repels liquids and spills. It is also comfortable, soft to the touch, and flexible, meaning it fits well and with little effort. Look for neoprene if you want all-around durability, as the covers are additionally hard-wearing and flame resistant. And they’re easy to maintain, being machine washable.  

Go for canvas covers if you want the last word in toughness and longevity. Canvas is extra durable, the type of cover you’d want in a Falcon ute, easily standing up to scratches, ripping, punctures, or UV exposure and burns. Standard varieties are in 14oz canvas, while premium offerings have thicker 16oz cloth and are even more heavy-duty. They also don’t attract mildew or moisture, so remain crisp and clean for longer. While stain-resistant, stubborn stains, and spills can be washed out with a jet of water. The only downside is that they can’t be thrown in the washing machine.  

ford xr6 car seat covers
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Other materials include polyester, nylon, velour and sheepskin. The first two are affordable variants and essentially downgrades of neoprene, being water resistant (but not 100 per cent waterproof), generally handle stains and spills well, but won’t last as long or have the premium look or feel. Velour is a cotton or polyester pile knit fabric, super comfy and soft to the touch and gives an attractive, classic look. Sheepskin is an expensive alternative, keeping drivers and passengers cool in summer and warm in the winter. It is dirt, stain, and water-resistant and looks good but is also very hard to find.  

Whichever material you choose, seat covers for your FG or FGX Falcon will protect the factory seat fabric, restore the good looks of the cabin, be super cozy in all weather and temperatures and be relatively simple to maintain. If you also want quality seat covers, go for locally designed and manufactured covers supplied with a warranty.