Benefits of Vacuum Sealing Your Food


Vacuum sealing is one of the best inventions that could ever happen to households. And no, it’s not about vacuuming clothes in order to save some space in the wardrobe only, but about having vacuum-sealed food and having lots of free space in the freezer and refrigerator as well. Luckily, the great minds of inventors have come up with a number of vacuum sealer models for home use that can help you vacuum any type of food if you have the right foodsaver bags.

One thing is certain when it comes to food storage and food nutrient preservation, vacuum sealing is the best in providing you with all of this. With the use of the right food sealer machine and sealing bags, you’ll be able to remove the air from the bags prior to storing, marinating, preparing, and freezing. That way, all the food’s flavour and freshness will be preserved which will result in less food waste. Truth be told, the benefits of vacuum sealing are many.

Keeps the Food Fresh for a Longer Period of Time

Fresh vegetables in vaccum bags

Unlike regular bags which can leak oxygen and don’t hold the vacuum, sealer bags don’t allow this to happen. In other words, foodsaver bags that reduce the chances of bacteria growth and food spoilage make your life as a cook easier because they’re designed to hold the vacuum for as long as it takes.

This lack of oxygen allows the food to stay in the same state for a longer period of time even if kept in a cabinet. Having no possibility for the food to come in contact with air, this can reduce the chances for the growth of mould and fungus as well. The best of all is that vacuum seal bags make the perfect option for keeping and protecting baby food as well. With their help, you can easily pack seasonal items and food and save them for when the time comes for making solid baby food.

It’s said that these bags and ways of packing can preserve food in the same condition for about three to five times longer than food that is stored in plastic containers or regular plastic bags. Just keep in mind that the exact time on how long food can last when vacuum sealed depends on the type of food and the storage place.

What Bags Can Be Used for Vacuum Sealer?

Besides being thicker and denser, these bags are made from other materials which can provide excellent blocking effects from oxygen, aromas, microbes, and germ. Usually, vacuum sealing bags are made of a combination of nylon and LLDPE (low-density polyethylene), polyamide, and polyethylene (PE).

Prevents It from Freezer Burn

Since the used material for these bags is thick and quality, and there’s no air inside the bag, this prevents the food from freezer burn and dehydration. How come?! Well, in case you didn’t know, freeze burn occurs when air comes into contact with water crystals around the food and thanks to the vacuum seal process, no air can get in contact with your food. This can result in better food texture and taste.

Improves the Taste of a Marinated Food

Marinated meat in vacuum bag

Even if you want to prepare the food prior to its consumption and freeze it or keep it in the fridge for a while, still you can benefit from these bags. All you’ll need to do is to marinate the food, season it as you please seal it in a bag in order to let the meat absorb all of it. This can certainly take your cooking to the very next level. The best of it all is that it works wonders with all types of meat: fish, beef, chicken, sheep, etc.

Increases the Storage Space

Whether keeping them in a cabinet, in the refrigerator or freezer, the foodsaver bags can certainly save a lot of space since there is no air inside the bag, only the food and in a smaller size. Being vacuumed allows for stacking them without the fear that the bag will tear or lose the vacuum. This, on the other hand, can give you the opportunity to store other food that is packed in bulkier packaging.

Reduces the Use of Chemical Preservatives

Instead of buying ready-made and mass-produced marinated food from stores, you can make your own at home, without the use of unwanted chemicals and preservatives. Yes, even without them it’s possible to store your food for a longer period of time without it spoiling.

Allows for Vacuuming Food Leftovers

Vacuumed leftovers

Can you imagine being able to keep any leftovers from your dinner or lunch but without having to eat them several days in a row?! Priceless. This way of packing allows you to vacuum seal leftovers and eat them whenever you want in a period of several months. All you’ll have to do is to seal them with the proper machine and keep them in the fridge/freezer for as long as you want.