Bird Supplies: Essential Accessories and Food for Your Bird Pet


When it comes to choosing a pet, a lot of people decide on a cute little birdie instead of a puppy or a kitten. Birds are friendly creatures that come in a wide range of colours and sizes and bring positive energy. Among the most popular bird types for pets are the budgerigar, galah, cockatiel and rainbow lorikeet. But, besides choosing a bird it’s essential to choose the right bird supplies too.

Bird Chips for Chewing

Bird chewing toy

Birds have a tendency to chew on objects. In nature, they chew branches while building nests so it’s an instinctual behaviour that pet birds have too. Also, chewing helps keep a bird’s beak strong, fit and trim. And having a strong beak is important because it plays a big role in the way a bird functions. Birds use their beaks for eating, climbing, fighting and as defence from predators, as a building tool and for feeding their young. So, because there are no trees or branches inside the cage on which a bird can chew, you need to acquire the next best thing – bird chips for chewing. You can find bird supplies online and order yours from the comfort of your home.

Bird chips are made from soft fibrous material and are perfect for pet birds. Usually, the roots of the Yucca plant are used to make bird chips and they are completely safe for birds. Birds find them appealing and easy to chew. Yucca chips are biodegradable, eco-friendly and represent the perfect shreddable bird toy. And while you’re at it, there are many more bird supplies online that you can get for your bird and keep it happy and satisfied.

Soft Shreddable Bird Toys

Soft shreddable bird toys are made for birds to destroy. And by doing so birds train their beaks and claws, become stronger and learn how to keep balance. You should pick the toy according to the size of your bird pet. Naturally, you’ll want a bigger toy for a large-sized bird. Pet birds can get bored easily inside the cage if there aren’t any accessories and toys to keep them occupied. That’s why finding the perfect toy is a number one priority for every bird owner out there. Birds supplies play quite a big role in the wellbeing of pet birds that don’t have access to the wilderness.

Most bird toys are made from rope, cloth, leather as well as wood and chains. They are soft and safe to play with but at the same time create sounds that birds find amusing. But you need to keep an eye on your precious one and the toys.

Bird Harness and Leash

Bird with harness and leash

Yes, there are such things as harnesses and leashes for birds. In fact, this bird supply comes handy when you need to train your birdie or just keep it safe while it is out of the cage. The leash is made from elastic materials and somewhat absorbs shock in case the bird hits something. It comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

The harness is completely harmless for your bird. There aren’t any dangerous buckles and clips that can somehow cause discomforts to your little birdie and it’s basically weightless. You’ll need only a couple of seconds to place the harness and let your pet bird freely fly. But first, you need to get your bird used to wearing it. It may not accept the harness at first and you need to be patient with that.

Then again, you shouldn’t leave the bird alone and unattended even when it is completely comfortable wearing the harness. Note that even though it can’t fly away it can still be attacked by another bird or predator. And the harness cannot protect it from that. But you can. And when you’re out there shopping for your pet, treat your pet with necessities you’ll actually use.

Bird Rings and Foraging Toys

Foraging is the process in which birds search for and collect food. More often than not birds collect food from places that are hard to reach or access so they put a little extra effort into the “hunt”. Consequentially, foraging toys are made to mimic the whole food collection process. A foraging toy can be filled with paper or treats which are rather difficult for birds to pull out, so you create an extra challenge for them. Your bird will be occupied for hours having fun and trying to extract whatever it is in the foraging toy.

Bird rings, on another hand, are great for birds that love to climb and swing. They are made from natural and biodegradable jute and are suitable for medium and large size birds.

Bird Food Types

Bird food

When you’re considering the best type of food, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. First, it is best if you get food rich in vitamins and minerals so that you don’t have to add additional supplements to your bird’s diet. Bird food is usually granulated and the recommended size of the granules is 4mm. Birds can easily ingest those types of granules. They need to have natural flavours (orange or banana) and natural colours. That way they’ll be both healthy and tasty for your bird.

You can also pick bird food according to the type of bird you have. For instance, there are special food packs for Lorikeet birds. Lorikeet food is balanced, specifically formulated to offer all the essential nutrients and vitamins to a Lorikeet bird. It also helps with weight control and improves feather quality. It can be ingested dry or mixed with warm water.

Then, you also have a special mix for Lovebirds and Cockatiels. It’s a premium food mix containing grains, legumes, peanuts and fruits. All the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids are included and together they provide optimum health and nutrition for those birds. The granules are 100% edible, there isn’t any waste and they can also be ingested dry and moistened.