Built for Performance: The Best Workwear Brands for Your Tradie Needs


Knowing which are the best tradie workwear brands available in Australia is a requirement if you’re a hands-on bloke, whether for pastime or professionally. Fortunately, finding decent workwear isn’t as difficult as it is for other men’s fashion categories.

When engaging in heavy-duty work, you want both tools and clothes that can withstand the harsh conditions and the test of time. And when you find a brand that fits the bill, you tend to stick with it. That said, if you’re wondering which are the best workwear brands in Australia, here are some of the most popular ones that stock the essential clothing items to get the job done while staying comfortable and protected.


FXD clothing pieces
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FXD workwear provides trade professionals with work pants and shorts that are not only durable but also highly comfortable to wear. This label, which was created specifically to be utilitarian and practical, has grown to become a trusted and favourite uniform option for workers in a variety of industries – even hobbyists and crafters adore them.

Workwear has frequently conjured up mental pictures of drab uniforms devoid of personality or style. However, FXD has taken a unique approach by combining a very modern, fashionable style with well-researched fabric selections that will withstand even the harshest working conditions. You’ll find a variety of FXD clothing pieces that can reflect your personal style and make your job that much easier due to their practical designs.

When dressed in FXD clothing, you can easily move from a job on a construction site to a more urban environment without having to change your clothes. This is great when you have to make meetings as the client will believe you arrived dressed appropriately for the occasion, which is exactly what decent workwear should provide.

The FXD pants come in a range of colours, including black, khaki, navy blue, and olive green, and are available in two fits: standard and regular with stretch. Pockets abound, with some boasting fast slots for rapid access and others featuring double-layered, flap-seal pockets to keep your belongings safe. High-impact and high-friction regions benefit from abrasion panels composed of nylon and polyurethane, which have a sleek appearance and provide added protection and durability.

FXD’s work boots are tough and durable, and they’re popular among those who want to maintain their workwear stylish while also ensuring that their work isn’t harmed. Work boots in a range of colours, including black, stone, and wheat, are available. These boots are available in two different ankle heights: 6 inches and 4.5 inches. You can choose one that best fits your job site and personal style.


Blundstone workwear boots
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Blundstone has become a household brand on construction sites Australia wide. Their quality work boots have protected the feet of Australian soldiers, Mount Everest explorers, manufacturing workers, police, farmers, and others since their founding in Hobart in 1870 by John Blundstone.

Blundstone has intentionally engineered its comfort and safety solutions as a historic company that has embraced new technologies. Its footwear’s soles are created to alleviate fatigue and orthopaedic issues in the lower back, legs, and feet. The firm created and patented the Shock Protection System (SPS) in its dual-density soles across PU, nitrate, rubber, and TPU soles to prevent tiredness and orthopaedic problems in the lower back, legs, and feet, making it a pioneer in improving comfort in work and safety boots.

Due to their broad selection, low pricing, and great quality, they have a special place in the hearts of Australians. Workers all across Australia and with different heavy-duty jobs love the protective footwear designs like the Nubuck Leather Steel Toe Boot 992 or the Women’s Safety Series Premium Leather Boot 897.

Hard Yakka

Hard Yakka workwear
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Hard Yakka is a clothing manufacturer based in Australia. It began as D. K. Laidlaw & Sons Pty Ltd in 1935, but later changed its name to “Yakka,” which is said to be derived from an Aboriginal term for “labour.” Since then, the name has become part of the Australian lexicon.

The company is one of the major workwear providers in the southern hemisphere, with a wide selection of items. The company’s workwear line has grown to include Foundations, Legends, Koolgear, Protect FR, and 3056: Born in Brunswick since its start. The company also sells a variety of safety footwear and accessories.

One of the most popular Hard Yakka collections – Legends is made of the toughest fabrics for comfort, protection, and strength. The Xtreme Pant is pretty much everything you could ask for in a pair of Hard Yakka work pants. Front pocket bags, back hip pockets, and cargo pockets are available to store various nuts, bolts, and equipment while keeping your hands free. Furthermore, the lower half of the pocket has been loosened, which prevents rulers from digging into the back of your thigh, which isn’t particularly pleasant.