Camping with Family and Friends: how to choose a 12 people tent with good ventilation


Choosing the right type of tent for 12 persons is the same as choosing a tent for 2, 4, 6 or any other type of tent. The key to choosing a functional, comfortable and quality larger tent is to take into account some of the most important things. While all of these things are quite crucial, you should certainly pay more attention to ventilation.

What Is Ventilation?

Ventilation is the process of allowing clean outdoor air to enter a space while venting out the stale air. Regardless of the enclosed area, ventilation must ensure a steady supply of fresh air. The easiest way to vent a place is by opening windows, however, this is not always an option with tents, which is why there should be another way of helping the tent to vent.

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Why it’s So Important?

A good ventilation system is fundamental, especially when investing in a larger 12 man tent that is designed to be used by a lot of people. Depending on the type of tent you choose, some of them can have valves with zipper closure, ceiling valves ad skirt valves so you could be able to open them and attract fresh air to get into the tent. By doing this, you’ll help the tent to release the hot and humid air, leaving the tent with nice, clean and bacteria-free fresh air. The build-up of pollutants, moisture and unpleasant odour won’t be possible even if you choose to invest in the incredibly spacious tent for 12 persons that have a good ventilation system.

By having a poor ventilation system, you won’t be able to warm up in the tent which is crucial during the cooler nights. This may certainly affect your health and safety levels as well, which is another reason why you need to invest in a quality tent that meets all standards.

Condensation is another reason why you should invest in a well-ventilated tent. As we all know, condensation is one of the main culprits to mould which is why you should do anything in your power to keep it at bay. Damp conditions and mould can also lead to developing numerous health issues like problems with the respiratory system, allergies etc. So, yeah, this is another thing from which you could benefit by investing in a tent with a well-vented system.

Truth be told, not only mould can lead to allergies and asthma. Poorly ventilated space can be the main source of headaches, sinusitis and even skin rashes, which is why you should invest in the best-of-the-best tent.

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How Does Ventilation Works?

Explained more properly and professionally, the cold air is usually drawn at the ground level in the tent through separate circulation valves. These valves are usually located low down the tent and they are perfect for ensuring proper circulation. They also serve great in replacing most of the air in the inner tent, as well as in the layer between the inner and outer tent. On the other hand, the hot air (which is also low in oxygen) rises above and is released through the mesh of the inner tent’s door. Usually, the mesh is placed on the opposite side and further from the tent’s upper valve. An important thing you should know is that the valve opening should be regulated according to how many people are in the tent. The last thing to keep in mind is that the second inner tent door should be closed, otherwise, this could interrupt the proper airflow.

Aside from the inner and outer tent which are designed to prevent condensation while improving the airflow, you can also invest in a skirt valve. This ventilation system allows you to open up and allow even more air to come in below the ground. That way, you will improve the ventilation process even more while minimizing condensation.

The last thing you can do to improve air quality and reduce condensation is to invest in a tent footprint. Also known as a groundsheet, a footprint is a light sheet the purpose of which is to form a barrier or extra layer of protection between the tent floor and the ground. Usually, these sheets are available in different shapes and sizes in order to allow users to find the one that will best meet their tent’s shape and size. Although the footprint sheet usually comes as a part of the tent (the price of which is already included in the overall tent’s price), some manufacturers still offer it as an additional or optional piece of gear which isn’t that expensive. Usually, these sheets are made of the same material as the tent only from a thicker thread which makes them higher denier.

Regardless of the type of tent you choose and its ventilation system, make sure the chosen model comes with a good warranty, so you could be able to return and replace it in case of any kind of malfunction.