Caring for Your Four Legged Mate: Put Together a Dog Wardrobe


Life is simply better with dogs, any dog owner knows it. You don’t have to be a dog person to see all the benefits having a dog brings about. Starting from relieving stress since they are known to provide happiness on a daily basis, as a result dogs also protect your heart and health in general by keeping you physically active.

Moreover they serve as inspiration as the social beings they are, providing owners with the chance to meet new people on walks. Who knows, you might even get to meet the love of your life thanks to your pooch. As opposed to people without dogs, dog owners also have the advantage of the habit of caring so there’s never a dull moment and the risk of depression lessens.

Caring for the four legged friends means knowing how to shop for dog clothing Australia specialised shops abound in, carefully choosing from the wide range of apparel, same as you would pay attention when choosing the adequate food, bed, toys, and grooming products.

More than Fashion

We think of dog clothing as merely a fashionable aspect, and though it is up to a degree as your best mate can look up to date in the latest dog gear trends, there’s also a practical reason behind it: protection from the weather.

Whether it’s that extra layer of protection from cold and wet weather, in the form of sweaters, or footwear for the sensitive paws, dress your dog well and you’ll see how excited it will be every time you two go for a walk, no matter the weather.

Fun and Easy Shopping

Since dog clothing Australia shops have plenty to offer from sweaters, jumpers, coats, raincoats, as well as socks and shoes, you have to think of comfort first and foremost if you want your shopping experience to be fun and easy, and not just a waste of money and time.

This means getting the right, snug breathable fit, and even if you prefer to shop online you can still do so by checking the size, of course knowing your dog’s measurements primarily (e.g. height, length, weight). Luckily, there are some shops that provide a detailed size guide, so you shouldn’t expect too much trouble finding the ideal warm extra layer.

Comfort is related to materials too, so getting dog clothes that are a combination of waterproof on the outside and warm on the inside is what you should be after. Soft, breathable fabrics in a functional design that makes clothes easy to put on and take off are always the better option. Besides, quality materials last longer.

The same goes for socks and shoes. Materials like velcro make for a snug fit, and besides paw protection from rain, snow, ice, and chemicals, you wouldn’t have to worry about floor scratches either. Illuminated socks and shoes make dogs visible when out having fun on walks and runs.

Now that we are part of a social networks focused world, you have much of a chance turning your dog into an online star with adorable costumes and accessories like ties, ribbons, collars, and hats, so you have plenty to choose from to put together an instagrammable dog wardrobe.