Top Reasons to Invest in Commercial Grade Furniture For Your Office


When equipping your office with furniture, you can’t just go to a conventional furniture store and buy everything off of there. Moreover, you can’t just go online and shop from a furniture store that sells residential furniture specifically. I mean, you probably can, but you shouldn’t. Why? It’s simple – commercial and residential furniture pieces aren’t made the same.

Commercial Grade Office Furniture

In other words, commercial grade office furniture is made of more durable and higher quality materials, that are made to stand the test of time and endure more abuse. To add to that, they typically include more inclusive warranties. The only downside is probably their cost, which may be slightly higher than the cost of residential furniture. However, you don’t need all of your office furniture to be commercial grade, but the desks, workstation seating and lounge seating should definitely be commercial grade office furniture.

The Desk

A dining desk simply won’t cut it when it comes to workstations. First of all, they aren’t the appropriate ergonomic height to work on, and they have corner post legs, which makes it hard to place storage units under them. Instead, commercial grade desks have central pedestal legs and are usually more flexible, which is oftentimes very much appreciated.

The Workstation Seating

Luckily for most office workers, it’s becoming standard that their employers invest in ergonomic seating solutions that have an adjustable height, proper lumbar support and arm rests. I always die a little inside when I go into an office and see folding or basic dining chairs used for the desks. Most people in their twenties don’t appreciate the full benefits of ergonomic chairs, the way people in their forties and even thirties do. By investing in an ergonomic chair, you spend more money, but get more productivity, quality of work, increased moral, and you get less work related injuries, frustration and healthcare bills.

Lounge Seating

The main reason to invest into commercial grade lounge seating is longevity. A simple comparison to how different the abuse is between a conventional couch and a lounge is – you watch 3-5 hours of Netflix a day on your couch, while the office seating can be used continuously throughout the entire day, every day. And let’s be honest for a second, people at your office won’t be careful or respectful towards the seating, as you are at home. Moreover, ensuring your customers and employees can seat comfortably is also important for satisfaction reasons.