Digital Infrared Thermometer: Invention That Simplifies Life


As a woman, I never would’ve thought to look for any kind of a helpful appliance in the industrial part of stores, as these are quite expensive and don’t really belong in the home tool kit. But as I started working as a professional cook in a restaurant with a reputation to maintain, I had to learn a thing or two about some very useful appliances from the industrial department. As a cook, I have no problem preparing tasty meals – it’s what I am best at, but when it comes to preparing something that has to meet certain standards and criteria, I have to rely on some kind of help. For instance, not cooking on the right temperature could cause harmful bacteria to thrive in the food, which would make it completely unsafe to consume. Not to talk about how this could stain my restaurant’s flawless reputation.

Digital Infrared Thermometer

The appliance that has become an indispensable tool for me as a cook, is called a digital thermometer. To be exact, a digital infrared thermometer, which helps in all areas of running a food business – cooking, selling and transportation of food. From constant monitoring of the temperature in freezers and display units for food, to checking the temperature on the cooking surface – a thermometer is a must-have tool for professional cooks. But besides being such a necessary help in a commercial kitchen, a digital thermometer can be of good use at home as well. Since I already have it, I recently found out about all the ways I can use it at home – in cases when you really want to make the perfect meal, the perfect barbecue, and even in times when you’re doubting whether you have a poor insulation!

Help in the kitchen – believe it or not

One would be right to be confused: who uses something like an infrared thermometer for kitchen purposes? While the use of a sophisticated digital infrared thermometer for domestic kitchen purposes isn’t exactly a common thing, their use in commercial kitchens is a must, as I already explained. In commercial kitchens, the cooking process is different – there are dishes, sauces and other foods that need to be cooked at a specific temperature, without any exceptions. Meaning: one degree plus/minus could make a huge difference in the looks and taste of a meal. Talk about protocols. In a home kitchen, where the rules aren’t so strict, a digital infrared thermometer could only help you reach the perfect temperature for stuffing semi-solids, for measuring the temperature on corn and mashed potatoes and ensuring that all bacteria is efficiently killed. And for newbies, to show you exactly when is the right time to put the eggs in the pan to make a tasty omelette.

When you want to fully protect your house

There’s nothing more irritating than you paying huge amounts of money to heat up your home in winter, and a sneaky air leak or poor insulation of some spot in the apartment ruins it all by simply letting cold air in your home. And the worst part? You don’t even know where to look for it! No worries – an infrared thermometer can easily detect such spots of poor insulation.

Barbecuing in a very sophisticated way

If you have a yard and are a fan of barbecuing, then an infrared thermometer can help you do it in the most sophisticated and efficient way. Just like you want to know when is the right time to put the pan for making a sauce on, you would like to know when should you put the porterhouse or the fillet mignon on the grill as well.

Finally, have in mind that a sophisticated thermometer of this kind isn’t something you’re expected to have in you home tool kit. But, if you do have access to one, now you know how you can use it around the house.