Perhaps there was a time when roller skating was perceived as nothing but a passing craze, but today that’s certainly not the case. Thousands of people from all over the world, both male and female, young and old, ordinary and famous, can be seen deeply enjoying this “retro” activity, thus proving that roller skates are far from a distant memory. Music videos like the one for Avicii’s 2013 hit “You Make Me” are another sign that this fun pastime is and will continue winning the hearts of many more individuals.

However, roller skating hasn’t become popular solely because it’s a relaxing leisure activity, one that can be easily done on any smooth and steady surface. The fun factor may be the most important reason people choose to spend their free time on their roller skates, but knowing that roller skating has a lot of great health benefits to offer helps as well. For example, roller skating has been recognized by the American Heart Association as an effective aerobic exercise that can strengthen one’s heart. This piece of information has significantly increased the demand for quality, comfortable, and tough roller skates in our country, which is why finding a reputable physical or online skate shop Australia based is not a difficult task.

Furthermore, this activity is an amazing calorie-burning workout that’s also easy on the joints. Roller skating is believed to provide the skater with fluid motion that doesn’t allow them to damage their joints. This means that with the help of roller skates you can enjoy a movement that’s very similar to the one of running or dancing minus the harsh impact. Yes, roller skating seems to be an exercise that practically doesn’t feel like one, which is precisely why everybody who has tried it has fallen in love with it.

This easy physical activity is also good for working the arms and legs. Roller skating targets and strengthens your legs and glutes as you power through movement, whereas your arms and core benefit from your balancing during the roller skating session.

Having in mind that most modern roller skates are durable and affordable, it becomes crystal clear why many people these days choose to skate instead of ride a bicycle. Having noticed this, a large number of physical and online skate shop Australia owners have begun to enrich their roller skate supplies with many interesting and unique products. For instance, LED-wheeled roller skates can be easily found in most of our country’s well-established skate stores, which seem to attract many people’s attention. With these skates, evening roller skating sessions can become much safer and enjoyable.

I believe now you know that the popularity of this fun pastime/exercise is more than justified.