Funny Fishing Bloopers: When Laughing and Learning Go Hand in Hand


If you love watching TV shows on the National Geographic Channel, then you must have stumbled upon one of its smartest and most amusing TV series – ‘Science of Stupid’. When I first saw it, I was impressed by its creators’ originality and the witty and charming narration of its host. They managed to find a way to mix harsh science with amazing humor, which is never an easy task.

One evening, I caught the beginning of a ‘Science of Stupid’ episode that showed several hilarious fishing videos and explained (scientifically, of course) where things went wrong. Now, I have never liked fishing nor have I been on any fishing trips, but I have always wondered why so many fishermen, both experienced and new ones, repeat the same mistakes all over again. That (well, that and the ‘Science of Stupid’ episode) is what got me watching YouTube videos with funny fishing bloopers all night long.

After gathering more than enough information, I realized that most people tend to make several funny fishing bloopers. In order to help you avoid hurting and embarrassing yourself, I will share a list of the most common fishing mistakes with you. How kind of me to do that, right? All right, let’s start.

  • Fishermen are known to be very optimistic and strong-willed, never giving up before trying at least once. Now, we all know that these traits are positive and admirable, but one should always be reasonable as well. Many fishers have fallen into the water or even wound up in a hospital because they didn’t know when they should let go.
  • Fishers can also be very reckless and adventurous. They are not always well prepared for all of the possible scenarios, which has brought many of them fishing in the rain, in the dark or on an empty stomach. Ah, if only packing an umbrella, a flashlight and a sandwich wasn’t so hard. Oh, wait, it isn’t. It isn’t hard at all.
  • Many fishermen, especially the ones that lack experience, choose the worst fishing spots ever. Hours can pass before they realize that they are fishing where there are no fish (or, in other words, they are standing on their boat, waiting for the fish that will never arrive). Let this be a lesson to all of you – first you do your homework, then you start your fishing adventure.

It is no secret that we love entertaining ourselves with comedy videos, especially if they contain other people’s foolish mistakes. I do know that laughing is healthy and much needed, but I also know that all of us should try to learn from these bloopers and avoid making them ourselves.