Great Ideas on How to Vamp up Your Bedroom


Whether you are completely happy with the way your bedroom looks or not, it is always a good idea to change some details and let in a new flow of energy. So, if you feel like your puzzle isn’t quite complete, there are many ways in which you could vamp up your bedroom in no time.

Add a Plant

bedroom plant
Source: Sleephappens

It is a well-known fact that plants can instantly revive any place. Even the smallest type of green plant in your bedroom can add a breath of life in it. And since plants are living things, taking good care of them is essential. For those of you who desperately want them in your bedroom but you don’t have enough time to water them regularly and to take good care of them, self-watering planters are the perfect investment you can make. Now, I am sure you are wondering how do self watering planters work and the answer is quite simple. Thanks to the built-in water reservoir, your plant/s can receive the needed amount of water whenever they need it. The convenient water indicator shows whenever you need to refill the reservoir with water – usually every 7 – 10 days.

The best part is that no soil nutrients will be lost during the process. Filling the planter with the right soil is key for having healthy growing plants. If wondering how to fill a self watering planter, there are basic guides that can teach you this in less than one minute. Regarding the type, one of the most commonly used types of self-watering planters are the white planter boxes, mainly because of their simple, sleek and stylish design. Usually made of sturdy BPA free HDPE plastic, these white planter boxes are tough but good-looking, with contemporary design and UV protection.

Add a Mirror

bedroom mirror
Source: Mitssy

Adding a mirror is a good way to spruce up your bedroom. Besides being able to do your makeup there or try out new outfits, a mirror can help you catch a glimpse of your beauty anytime you want to. You can add a mirror either on the wall or install it a part of your wardrobe (if possible). By adding a bigger mirror, you’ll be able to visually enlarge your bedroom. When it comes to shape and style, keep in mind that the one you choose should complement the look of your bedroom.

Hang a Wall Art

bedroom wall art
Source: Artistikcreations

Empty walls have no personality. This is precisely why artworks are said to bea ble to add character to a room. If your budget doesn’t allow you to get a framed artwork, you can invest in an art print instead. Or, you can let your imagination go wild and create your very own abstract piece.

Change the Lighting

bedroom lighting
Source: Lumens

It’s no secret that the lights in your bedroom can create a romantic mood. But except for the overhead lighting, you can add various other sources of light in the room. Besides bedroom table lamps, adding floor lamps is always a good idea. Getting light from different corners and heights can certainly improve your overall mood. Candles are also an option, especially scented ones. Besides the nice flickering light, these candles will spread sensual aroma: vanilla, sandalwood, cinnamon, apple, amber, rose (you can pick from these and from many other candle scents). The idea is to turn your bedroom into a place you and your partner won’t want to leave.

Toss a Few Throw Pillows

bedroom throw pillows
Source: Wellandgood

Another great way to jazz up your bedroom is to add throw pillows. Except on the bed, if you have a chair, you can add one or two on it in order to make it more inviting. Pillows can add warmth to a place and can instantly change the overall look of the bedroom. They can really do wonders, you just need to choose the design that can match the surroundings.

Lay Down a Rug

Source: Modsy

If you are tired of your current one or you don’t have one at all, rugs are a great way to vamp up the bedroom. Just like throw pillows, a rug can add warmth to the room, while acting as the perfect softening floor addition. They are a real game-changer, especially if you add some with an interesting pattern.