Herbal Teas: an Easy and Pleasurable Way to a Healthy Life


Are you looking for a natural remedy that can help you sleep? Or, do you want healthy-looking, dewy skin? Maybe you’re feeling a little bloated and trying to get rid of excess water in your body? The single solution to all of these and many more problems is as easy as drinking a cup of your favourite tea.

What once began as a medical practice only today has turned into a daily enjoyment for so many people. Namely, tea has become a beverage as popular as coffee, with health benefits that exceed those of many other foods and drinks. If tea isn’t part of your daily routine, how can making it a part of it complement your efforts to lead a healthier life? Here are some fun facts about herbal teas and some of the amazing benefits they can provide for those who regularly drink them.

What Is Herbal Tea?

Most people are familiar with true teas like black and green. These come from the plant Camellia Sinensis and contain caffeine. Unlike them, herbal teas come from different parts of various plants, such as their flowers, roots and leaves. And are caffeine-free. This means even people that get jitters from a cup of coffee or black tea can enjoy drinking a few cups of herbal tisane to their taste.

herbal loose leaf tea
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Similar to their true counterparts, you can find herbal teas in the form of herbal loose leaf tea and herbal tea bags. You can find them as single plant herbal tisanes, as well as herbal blends. A hot cup of tea can warm you up in the colder winter months. And even if you’re not a fan of hot tea, you can still enjoy drinking herbal ice tea. Once it cools down, add some ice cubes and fresh plant leaves, and there it goes, your perfect summer refreshment.

Since there are so many flavours and aromas, everyone can find herbal tea to their taste. It’s unlikely that you’ll stop drinking it once you do. It can be so tasty that it can quickly become an alternative to the not-so-healthy sugary drinks and sodas. This is just another healthy addition to the many health benefits that herbal teas provide their drinkers.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

It Can Help You Unwind

Even very calm people who try to lead a peaceful life experience stress and pressure from time to time. And not to mention the rest of us, who live in big cities and struggle to get on time to work or school and manage everything in a day. Many feel exhausted at the end of the day, and many others experience different anxieties. It can be hard to unwind and relax, leading to various sleep problems and disorders. The most common approach to all this is taking medications. Unfortunately, dealing with the side effects of these medications can be worse than dealing with all the stress.

Drinking herbal teas with calming properties can help you unwind and relax more naturally, with no side effects. It’s scientifically proven that chamomile tea, for example, helps in treating generalized anxiety disorder. It’s the perfect bedtime tea that even children can regularly drink. Peppermint tea contains a natural muscle relaxant, while lemon balm helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol without causing drowsiness. Taking deep breaths and a cup of lemon balm tea can help you get through the most stressful moments throughout the day.

It Can Boost Your Immunity

It’s common knowledge that herbal tea helps fight off flu and other cold viruses. Ginger tea can help you with a sore throat, while peppermint and eucalyptus can help decongest your stuffy nose and breathe easier. A cup of hot herbal tea can also help you relieve muscle pain and cramps. What’s not common knowledge is that herbal tea can boost your immune system after an ailment. And some herbal teas can help you boost your everyday energy levels. Drink licorice and ginseng for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and cayenne to reduce inflammation and clear congestion.

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It Can Reduce Pain

Being high in antioxidants, many herbal teas work to eliminate free radicals from the body and prevent stress. And polyphenols have been proven to lower the likelihood of cancer. These properties help combat chronic pain and help prevent chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Hibiscus, rooibos and turmeric are among the many teas that can provide you with these benefits.

It Can Stimulate Your Brain

While you can drink a cup of tea or two to experience the physical health benefits, you need to consume them regularly to enjoy the brain-boosting powers of herbal teas. Ginger root tea and Ginko Biloba work to increase blood flow to the brain while providing it with nutrients and oxygen. Therefore, they improve overall brain function.

Why Choose Loose Leaf Tea over Tea Bags?

For many people, drinking tea using tea bags is the most convenient way to drink tea. It’s super easy: you just put the bag in a cup of hot water, wait a couple of minutes, then take it off and enjoy your tea. While convenience may be a significant advantage, an herbal loose leaf tea is better than tea bags in many other ways. How come?

Loose leaf tea contains larger tea leaves. They don’t come pre-packaged in tea bags but boxes or tins. These whole or broken tea leaves are of higher quality than dust and fanning or the tiny scraps of tea leaves used in conventional teabags. While not all manufacturers put only leftover tea leaves in their teabags, most do. It’s more environmentally friendly, as you don’t have to use bags, and the tea leaves are more bio-degradable. And, if you prefer using tea bags, you can purchase empty ones and fill them with your loose-leaf herbal tea and enjoy high-quality tea in the best possible way.