Honeymoon Phase Over? Here’s What to Do to Heat Up Your Relationship


Remember the first few days, weeks and months of your relationship? You probably long for the ”butterflies in the stomach” feeling to come back same as during the beginning. There’s nothing wrong with that, and trust us, it’s no reason to feel like your relationship is coming to an end, you just have to take some measures to freshen things up and remind your loved one of the excitement felt when you two started dating.

Don’t underestimate the power of lingerie! Regardless whether you’re a fan of it or not, your partner probably wouldn’t mind seeing you wearing it every once in a while, so you can surprise him with some sexy babydolls showing off you too have a cheeky side. From the fun and flirty to the more intimate, there’s the right babydoll whatever your preference may be.

One by one you could create your own lingerie collection, pairing the sexy babydolls with sexy panties so you get a complete set to show off your playful feminine side. Consider spicing things up by taking baths together and try something new in the bedroom. Even better, try something new in another room – it’s not just the bedroom where intimate fun happens!

Sexy stuff aside, you have to keep the spark alive outside the bedroom (or other rooms!) by sharing hobbies together too. Learn what you have in common when it comes to interests and make up some time during the day or week to enjoy.

For some it may be exercising at the gym, others may find travelling exciting, paying visits to the local libraries, cinemas, or some may even turn their home into a cinema, watching new films every night. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the experience with each other afterwards!

You’ve heard this before, but we’ll only repeat it because it’s true: Make time for each other, remind each other why you share this love, get in the habit of complimenting, and truly listen when your partner has something to say instead of just listening for the sake of responding. Great communication is key in keeping the relationship break-proof, as well as making your partner feel respected.

Usually, when we first start dating, we care a great deal about dates themselves, and when the honeymoon phase is over somehow dating fades away. Don’t let that happen to you, and plan and go on dates as often as you can to revive the magic of the early days. Great relationships require care and dedication!