How to Style Your Bed Worthy of a Posh Hotel


Behind every attractive room, there should be a reason. And the reason to make your bedroom more attractive is to add style and functionality to the place where you spend so many hours every day. Whether it’s decorated with french country furniture , industrial, mid-century modern or contemporary, your furniture should be appealing, functional and to suit your taste. And as the bed is the main spot in every bedroom, it should be comfortable, stylish and cosy enough to invite you to dream.

There’re a few things you can make to add a little drama and style to your bed and make it worthy of a posh hotel without having to buy a whole new bed. Headboards for bed can be a thing of beauty – adding drama with their height and frame, bringing glamour and elegance to your bedroom. You can also go down the practical and functional route and add a couple of stylish pillows and a warm bed throw blanket. To create a bed that can easily be the focal point to your room, you can start with choosing the perfect headboard for your bed.

Choose Your Headboard

Since the headboard is the first thing you notice when you enter a bedroom, it can add a much-needed flair to the room. From all the options available on the market, you might feel overwhelmed when choosing the perfect one for your space. It’s important to choose one that suits your personality, needs and style.


The bed headboard you choose should complement, rather than compete with, your current bedroom style. If your bedroom is decorated in a lot of light colours, chandeliers and flower wallpaper, you want to reflect that style in the headboard too. You can choose a design and colour that matches the colours and textiles that you already have. You can easily find stylish headboards for bed available in rustic, elegant, soft or bold designs. Some models feature a clean and definite shape and might tie into the minimalistic feel of your room. You can choose from rectangular shapes, arched, circle or other curvy uppers.

A freestanding bed headrest is easier to use since they can stand on their own and rest between the bed and the wall without you having to mount it. Wall-mounted headboards work by attaching directly to the wall, giving the headboard a floating look. A lot of people prefer this type of headboard because the headboard doesn’t need to match the size of the bed itself and you can change your bed without also having to change the headboard.


The headboard material can either make or break the look of your bedroom. If you want to add a touch of charm, elegance, luxury and cosiness at the same time, upholstered headboards might be the right choice for you. While a rectangular design is a classic option, for something with more style impact, you can choose one with a curvy upper edge. Common fabrics include linen, leather, and velvet. Headboards made from upholstered fabric with button tufting add even more luxury and sophistication.

Wood headboards are also popular since they can be both traditional and modern. Solid timber bed headrests with contemporary designs can enhance the look to every bedroom. Wooden headboards often come with built-in shelves for extra functionality. You can choose from a plethora of finishes to match your bedroom decor. Natural oak and dark walnut finis are among the most popular options.

Functionality & Size

Your headboard has to match the size of your bed to achieve an overall pleasing look. If you have a king-size bed, you need a large headboard appropriate for your bed. Queen size beds need a smaller size headboard to look proportional and balanced. Also, wider beds might need to have a taller headboard to look right.

The headboard you choose doesn’t necessarily need to be just a stylish addition to your room. Many people use a headboard as a backrest to either read or watch TV in bed. In this case, you can choose an upholstered headboard that is comfortable to sit against.

If you like the overall look of wood, you can complete the look with a lot of pillows and a bed throw blanket.

Add a Throw Blanket

If you are looking for a way to add more colour and warmth in your bedroom, you can always add some low maintenance plants like a jade plant,colourful pillows and a few throw blankets. Besides serving a decorative purpose, throw blankets can also keep you warm. If you do not have an end board on your bed, a well-placed blanket on the end of your bed will add a nice, rounded-out look. There is something luxurious about an additional layer of textiles on the bed — like a hotel look in your own home.

If you want to create an asymmetrical look, you can opt for an eye-cashing bed throw blanket and lay it across the corner of your bed in a diagonal. You can opt for a leopard faux fur throw, that not only draws attention but can also keep you warm during the cold winter days. Zenra patterns are also a good idea. This blanket can transform your decor in an instant. Have in mind that the colour of your blanket should match the colours of your bedroom- otherwise you risk it to seem a bit tacky.

If you do have an endboard, you can drape the blanket over the endboard, or lay it parallel to the end for a tidy look. If your style is more contemporary, with squared, clean lines, a neatly folded blanket, parallel or perpendicular to other elements might be the best. A simple grey and sage design might suit well in contemporary and Scandinavian designed bedrooms. Throw blankets made from brushed acrylic look stylish and can be super cosy for the cold nights.

To create a visually more interesting effect, you can style two pillows with one blanket. If you have three pillows in your bedroom, try styling them with two blankets. If there’s only one decorative pillow you can display two blankets to follow this “rule of three”.