Lifting Trolley – Move and Relocate With Ease


Considering the amount of work that gets done in a warehouse, owning any kind of helpful lifting equipment should be seen as a priority. Manual relocation of items can be exhausting and time-consuming, which is one of the many reasons why warehouses are in need of heavy lifting trolleys. This is a solution that has passed the test of time by succeeding to render many tasks less demanding and effortless. With so many boxes stacked and placed at difficult to reach spots, having a reliable heavy lifting trolley at disposal is a must. Designed to minimise agitation, stress and movement, these additions avoid possible injuries and boost productivity. So, let’s go through three types of heavy lifting equipment and how they can benefit warehouses.

heavy lifting trolley

Platform and Fork Lift Trolley

A piece of equipment that offers help with a wide range of tasks, like shipping, lifting and relocation of heavy materials. It is as suitable for outdoor use as it is for indoors – a cost-effective, easily portable and durable addition. Additionally, the platform and fork lift trolley offers more options to render a workday easier, namely, an adjustable straddle base for smaller pallets or any other objects, then the shorter legs on the counterweight base that help the worker get closer to loads on shelves, and the standard base which is suited for general lifting and material delivery.

Lift Table Trolley

Another important ally required in the warehouse is the lift table trolley. This is a device utilized to raise, lower or tilt workloads such as pallets. The benefits are many, some include eliminating repetitive bending and lifting, resulting in reduced back injuries and increased productivity. One of the most important features this type of heavy lifting trolley offers is the opportunity to feel safer in the workplace. Content employees result in satisfied customers, which ultimately leads to booming business.

Scissor Lift Tables

Last but not least, we have the manual handing aid that can be mobile or static. The fixed, or static scissor lift tables are more stable, which makes them more suited for greater height of lift and heavier capacities. On the other hand, the mobile scissor lift tables are more useful for transport or relocation. The way it works is by lifting using its criss crossing support, which can work via hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical power to reach whatever height is needed. What makes it even more useful is the option to tilt the table and slide the product, instead of lifting it.

Heavy lifting trolleys can help increase overall efficiency and productivity in a warehouse, while at the same time providing relief and help to the workers who are tasked with the lifting of heavy objects, goods or materials.