Discover the Necessary Equipment for Practising Mixed Martial Arts


If you are just starting out with martial arts you will quickly realise that it is a very good way to get into shape. You develop many different motor skills while maintaining a strong and healthy body, not to mention that you also learn self defence techniques. Even if you don’t ever plan on stepping into the ring for an actual fight, mixed martial arts can be a great way to get in shape. However, if you wish to get the full experience and devote yourself more fully to practising martial arts, you will need some supplies. Let’s talk details.

martial arts supplies

MMA Gloves

MMA gloves are different from boxing gloves in many ways. Firstly, MMA gloves have an open finger design as fighters are allowed to perform moves such as submissions and clinch manoeuvrers. About 113, 170 grams of padding is sufficient to offer good enough protection. The heavier padding is more suitable for beginners as they don’t know how to throw a proper punch yet and could hurt their hand. Professionals on the other hand, use lighter padding which makes them faster yet well protected from the impact. The heavier glove is also better for beginners because of the weight training – over time their hands become used to the weight and get stronger.

Mouth Guard

The mouth guard is definitely one of the most important pieces of martial arts supplies. You should never start without having one, because if you get hit, especially on the chin, you can quickly get knocked out and even sustain brain damage. The shock from your head being whipped around from the punch could result in a concussion. The rubber mouth guard holds your jaw closed tight and helps reduce the vibration from any impact. However, it can only protect you so much and you can still be knocked out if you get hit hard enough.

Sparing Shorts

There isn’t much to mention when it comes to the shorts. The key to a good pair of sparing shorts is to make sure they fit you well and they don’t grip your legs too tight. Also, make sure that the material they are made from doesn’t retain heat, as shorts like that can quickly become irritating to train in. They should allow you to move your legs freely in all directions, and the material should be very breathable. Sparing shorts are among the most common martial arts supplies, so it only makes sense that you find a pair that is comfortable.

Head Gear

As with the mouth guard, the head gear is also very important as it protects your head from high impact. The protective padding is usually located at the back, top, and side of the head. For more intense training, head protective gear that covers the cheeks is recommended. There are also adjustable head gear pieces that allow you to switch the padding depending on which part of your head you need best protected for a specific training session.