Modern Bathroom Essentials: Know Your Options


Bathrooms are probably the rooms that take the most beating, and as such are the most often renovated. But at the same time, they are also the most difficult rooms to renovate, since there are many things that need to be considered before doing so, many conditions to be fulfilled, many goals to be achieved. Regardless whether it’s a big one, with a lot of options for the layout, or a small one, with some awkward spots that you have to work around and without many options for the layout, with bathroom renovations, the stakes are always high.

In today’s world, we don’t compromise on aesthetics. Our peace of mind can directly be influenced by the looks of our homes. And a nice hot shower or a long soak after a stressful day, is definitively going to be much more relaxing and mood-improving when there’s some luxury and comfort. Here are your options when looking for the essential elements to create a beautiful modern bathroom.

Sanitary Ware

Without a doubt, the fixtures are the centrepieces of the bathroom and choosing the right ones takes time, planning, and a perfectly planned out budget. The first thing to take into consideration before buying sanitary ware, is the size of your bathroom. With big or medium-sized bathrooms, of course, it’s much easier to choose basins, bathtubs, shower enclosures and toilets, since it’s your own taste you mostly need to follow. On the other, if your bathroom is tiny, you’ll have to look for space-saving bathroom fixtures.

modern bathroom

Either way, when it comes to bathroom supplies, you must have high standards. They aren’t the easiest things to find, and they are certainly not cheap. This is why when you are buying sanitary ware you shouldn’t settle for anything that doesn’t meet these criteria: aesthetically pleasing, convenient, highly functional, hard-wearing, and easy to clean.

Your bathroom style will dictate the design you are going to choose. Contemporary bathroom aesthetics always requires some luxury, and basins, tubs, showers, toilets should play the main role in this. Today, the sanitary ware options are incredibly versatile. There are countless beautiful, almost art-like washbasins, bathtubs and toilets, in different materials and a variety of shapes and colours, that can instantly give your new bathroom an unmatched edge, with a luxurious and contemporary vibe.

Storage Solutions

Your choice of bathroom storage solutions has an equally important role as the sanitary ware when it comes aesthetics. And with such a huge variety of colours, models, materials, sizes… they are a great opportunity to show off your personality and style. However, the reason storage furniture is crucial for your bathroom, much more than aesthetics is that they are what will help you keep your beautiful new modern bathroom well organised. They are the perfect way to keep toiletries, towels and other needed items.

storage space for essentials

The two most common types of vanities you could choose from are wall hung and floor mounted. These make great storage solutions for a small bathroom. Furthermore, you could instal open shelves with different materials, wall-mounted cabinets, drawers under the sink etc. If you have the space, you can combine more furniture pieces, adding even more storage options to style your bathroom. It all depends on your taste and on the available space.

Tapware and Accessories

Even the smallest elements play a crucial role in the design of your bathroom. This means that though they usually come last on the list of the things you need to choose, they also require a lot of thought, and shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, the tapware and the accessories are the final touches that can add even more aesthetic value, as well as an opportunity to bring the functionality of your bathroom at a higher level. A

Choose your tapware the same way you chose the other elements. Look for the best quality materials – brass, stainless steel, zinc, with quality coating finishes such as chrome, bronze, nickel, to ensure that they’ll last for a long time, always having in mind convenience and the style of your bathroom.

bathroom tapware

Both tapware and accessories, can be considered the jewellery of the bathroom. Good quality accessories, from towel holders to give your towels the ideal spot to hooks, soap dishes or dispensers and even toilet brushes – they can all be used to further complement the style of your bathroom. Apart from their purpose – their functionality, they can also be used as decorative elements: to add an accent colour or contrast, or to create a feeling of balance and tie the space together.

Tie It All Together

The key to modern bathroom design is balance and simplicity, so you need to tie all these elements together in a way that feels right. When you’re buying bathroom supplies, of course, you’re going to have the style you want to achieve in your mind all the time. However, be careful as in the bathroom, usually less is more. To create a serene atmosphere, most bathroom spaces lean towards minimalism. A well-thought-out minimalistic design can give your bathroom a high sophistication level, while still making a stunning impression.

everything inside a modern bathroom

When it comes to the overall feel, the background you choose to frame your decorations and fixtures with, is crucial too. The choices for your walls are vast: you can go with tiles, with waterproof wallpapers or paint. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add more light in your bathroom, by playing with mirrors, especially if your bathroom is small. Mirrors visually widen the space and can create impressive effects. If you have enough space, you could use wall art for even more interest.

Furthermore, don’t forget to take advantage of artificial lightning. Not only can light fixtures bring huge decorative value to any room, but if you play a little with the way the light falls on your bathroom elements, the light and shadows themselves can give your bathroom more character, and make it even more stunning.