Choosing the right multi-tool is quite the demanding task, but I’m sure that most of you will agree that Leatherman multi-tools are the leaders in this filed and have conquered the hearts of many users. The first model of their multi-tool category was created in 1984 and ever since Leatherman strives to satisfy the needs and demands of its customers. Nowadays, we can enjoy the handiness of many Leatherman multi-tool models designed for different applications (outdoor, emergency, trades, tactical, etc.). Although each model has the standard attachments, all of them have additional specific features like scissors, wrenches, personal grooming tools and a lot more.

When it comes to durability and quality, the Leatherman multi tool Charge TTI really pushes the envelope regarding these specifications. It is the most popular and upgraded type of multi-tool coming from this company that has diamond coated files, exceptionally strong pliers, as well as premium stainless-steel clip-point knife. The Leatherman multi-tool Charge TTI is not the heaviest nor the largest multi-tool, which makes it perfect as it has almost all needed features minus the unnecessary weight.

Pros of Leatherman multi-tool Charge TTI

  • Handy and easy to use

  • It has rounded handles hence great grip

  • Built to can stay in perfect condition even after many years of usage

  • It has amazing design and finish

  • According to many user reviews, it has the best needle nose pliers

  • It also has outside accessible blades for opening with one hand

  • All its tools have locking elements and perfectly lock in place

  • Its titanium handles increase its overall durability

Tech Specifications

Weight 232g

Blade Length


Knife Length when closed – 10cm

Handle Material Titanium Alloy
Blade Material S30V Stainless Steel
Blade Edge Type (for cutting denser materials) Straight and serrated
Number of Knives 2
Diamond File
Hook Disgorger (used for removing hook swollen by fish)
Nail File
Flathed Screwdriver

Sheath Included

Bits Included 17
Straight Pin
Metal File
Can Opener
Nail Cleaner
Bit Drivers
Lanyard Attachment
Pliers Needlenose and regular one
Reamer (for enlarging an already existant hole)
Multi-purpose Hook
Phillips (cross) driver
Wire Cutter Regular & Hard Wire
Eyeglasses Screwdriver
Carabiner CLip
Ballpoint Pen
Key Ring
Pocket Clip
Wire Stripper
Sewing Awl
Belt Cutter
Package Opener
Blade Locking System
Bottle Opener
Awl (spike used for making holes in leather or wood)
Fish Scaler