It’s in human nature to wish to have a change of surroundings from time to time, particularly when you work in an office, however, when it comes to actual moving, it’s easy to get cold feet. Most of us associate it with stress from the very start, and it shouldn’t be so. Why get unnecessary headaches and ruin relationships when you can plan beforehand?

First things first, you have to start from acquiring the necessary boxes months in advance from a specialised cardboard box shop to ensure they are of quality to protect and store all of the items. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re going to count on professional relocating company for the move or do it yourselves, you still need boxes as the basic packing material.

cardboard boxes

All you have to do is estimate the needed number of boxes, along with the sizes, to make the purchase at the cardboard box shop, by taking into account your specific business needs, the amount of fragile items, the papers and folders, as well as the number of office employees. Remember, what you want in boxes is for them to be durable (so you should be after strong ones!), convenient (read: easy to handle), and cost-efficient.

You have to make sure you have all the necessary packing equipment to properly transport your items. Other than boxes in various sizes, you would have to purchase packing peanuts to fill up the space and secure the items to prevent damages. It’s advisable to pack according to the capacity of the boxes, so as to avoid both overfilling and underfilling with the purpose of further avoiding damages.

Bubble wrap and packing paper are the other must-haves, as for the pieces of furniture, you would also require blankets to cover them up well. All the tech equipment has to be handled with care, with computer monitors and printers taped down and wrapped individually, and cables neatly organised and stored separately.

Then again, protection isn’t only about having the right wrapping and packaging, you also have to think of marking the boxes properly, be it with numbers or colours listing all the items inside to cut down the damaging risks further and make it easier when unpacking in the new office.

This is a great solution when hiring a relocating company too, because in the case of an item being lost, you would be able to make a claim. Packing materials checked, what’s important is to start with the preparations about three or four months earlier. This goes for both small and big offices, so that the process goes smoothly, and don’t forget to assign tasks to everyone involved in the moving.