Reasons Why You Should Invest Into Third-party Nissan Patrol Exhaust


For over 65 year now, the company Nissan has been producing live-axles, four wheel Patrol vehicles with wagons and cab-chasis variants. One of their most amazing four-wheelers is without a doubt the GU Patrol Y62 model. Once upon a time (back in the early 2000s), when the dominance of Toyota wasn’t in its full bloom, the Nissan Patrol was the king of off-road vehicles.

Today, there are a lot of Nissan users who are looking to upgrade their Patrol exhaust. Luckily, Nissan (unlike some of their competitors) allow third-party companies to produce replicas of their exhaust systems. What’s interesting is the fact that they are more reliable, built-to-last and even more functional than the stock exhaust system. What experts usually recommend is installing a third-party Nissan Patrol exhaust system because it is a cost effective way to make your engine better.Patrol Exhaust

More Power

Stock exhaust are usually designed to be the middle-ground, meaning they neither give more power to the vehicle or make it more cost-effective. After market exhausts, on the other hand, are wider and allow more breathing room for the engine. What’s more, they even lower the back pressure thus creating more space for the engine to have better combustion cycles.

Better Fuel Economy

While trying to add more power, achieve better fuel economy and save money on production, the stock exhaust simply fails to offer the right performance. Instead, they provide mediocre performance that is designed only for urban areas and not for tough terrains. On the other hand, after-market Nissan Patrol exhaust is designed to improve fuel economy without cutting back power. Thanks to the after market exhaust that problem is solved, and you get the maximum out of your engine, both regarding power and fuel economy.

Powerful Sound

With such upgrade, not only can your Nissan Patrol get faster from 0 to 100km, it can even become more responsive and create a sound, more powerful than ever! The reason why stock exhausts sound less cool are guidelines manufacturers must follow. However, there is nothing better than having a powerful sound while speeding on the highway. The muffler is the reason why there is a better sound in after market ones. The muffler is made from better metals and have a great impact on the sound.

If you want to have a mean, functional off-road machine, then without any doubt, you ought to invest in a third-party Nissan Patrol exhaust.