The Secret to Good Sleep: How to Create a Soothing Scandi-Style Bedroom


The main principles of Scandinavian interior design are simplicity, cleanliness and serenity. And considering this, no area of the home can benefit more from this style than the bedroom. By definition, the bedroom is a place for rest. However, many modern bedrooms are anything but restful. They are often cluttered with clothes and designed without much forethought. If you feel that your bedroom is disrupting your sleep, here are some tricks you can steal from Scandinavian design in order to make it more relaxing.Scandinavian design bedroom

Choose a Functional Scandi Bed

scandi bedLet’s start with the bed – the focus of every bedroom. A Scandi bed made of durable hardwood and with clean lines is a great way to set the base for some Scandinavian influence. You can recognise a Scandi style bed by its simple headboard, sharp edges and solid craftsmanship. Designed to be functional, a Scandinavian bed won’t be an eye-catcher. Instead, it will be an investment for years to come. Some Scandinavian design beds also feature practical underbed drawers which can help you keep any clutter in your bedroom at bay. To allow the air to circulate throughout the space, pick a bed that has legs that elevate it off the floor.

Use a Calming Colour Scheme

scandi bed Calming ColourWhen creating a Scandi style bedroom, white walls are a must. This helps visually open up the space and make it appear brighter. Additionally, crisp white walls are always a pleasure to decorate, since they give you the capacity to introduce eye-catching art and interesting lighting fixtures without overwhelming the space. Besides white, the rest of your bedroom’s colour palette should also consist of neutrals such as black, grey and beige. You can add a hint of other colours as well, like for instance calming pastels, with the help of décor such as pillowcases, rugs and lamps.

Prevent Clutter with Smart Storage Solutions

hydraulic-storage-scandinavian-bed-frameNobody can relax surrounded by a mountain of dirty clothes and knickknacks around the bedroom. Plus, for your bedroom to be truly Scandinavian, all clutter needs to go. Make it your business to get rid of everything you haven’t used for quite some time and neatly organize the things you do need. There are many ways to organize the thing in your bedroom. Some of the most obvious ones are the nightstand and the wardrobe. But you can also use some unconventional, hidden storage. One example would be a bed frame with integrated drawers like I’ve previously mentioned. Rattan baskets can be another practical storage solution which can also double as décor. You can also use wall-mounted shelves and racks as vertical storage that doesn’t take up any floor space.

Add Touches of Warmth

retro_timber_bedframeBut the downside of a predominantly neutral and bright room is that it can appear sterile and cold. Which isn’t something you want for your bedroom. To warm up the space, try to introduce elements made of hardwood with a rich texture. This can be a bed frame, nightstand, wardrobe or ottoman. What’s more, Scandi bed frames are often made of sturdy and durable hardwoods such as oak, maple and walnut which can withstand the test of time.

Pile Up Some Cosy Linen

Hygge style scandi bedHygge is a popular Scandinavian concept that refers to the feeling of being cosy, taking it slow and enjoying the good things in life. And what’s cosier than gliding into your bed with a good book or a warm drink? Of course, the feeling won’t be that good unless there’s some luxurious linen keeping you warm and comfy. Make sure to layer your bed up for a soft and fluffy look with a variety of bed linens – from a crisp bamboo bedsheet to a chunky down-filled doona or a knitted blanket.

Bring the Outdoors In

Part of the soothing appeal of Scandinavian interior design is the strong connection it has with nature. Besides wooden furniture and floors, this style also calls for art inspired by nature. You can pick posters depicting animals or a painting of a breathtaking landscape. Finally, don’t forget to bring small pieces of nature in the form of a cactus, a Jade plant or some other low-maintenance plants. There’s nothing more soothing than fresh greenery, don’t you agree?Scandinavian design bedroom plants

And Light It Right

Scandinavian spaces call for light, however, in the bedroom, you need to be careful to do it the right way. Strong overhead lighting doesn’t inspire relaxation, right? Instead, use some accent lighting throughout the room which you can turn on whenever you want to create a calming atmosphere. This can be in the form of wall sconces or even better – lamps. For an even more calming effect, you can install a dimmer light switch which will allow you to precisely adjust the brightness level for your comfort.