Tips on Finding a Top Ford Grille & Installing It


In order for a vehicle to run, we fill the tank with fuel and head off. But another important part of keeping your vehicle running is air. If enough airflow is fed to the engine, it can remain safe from overheating and run more efficiently.

That being said, it is the air filter and the grille that are responsible for providing clean air and consistent air flow. While the former is a component that gets replaced on a more regular basis, the latter isn’t (despite being at a more visible place – the front of the vehicle).

A car grille does not only provide proper airflow but it also plays an aesthetic role. Therefore, if you want to improve the airflow of your Ford and make it look more stylish, replacing the grill (as you would replace an air filter) can make a big difference.

What to Consider


There are three types of front grille style-wise: mesh, billet, and CNC (custom). A Mesh Ford grille is what offers the simplest, yet the most elegant look which makes it popular amongst luxury and sports cars. The pattern of this grille is made by bonding or weaving separate strands of material in one piece. Billet Ford grilles are comprised of either vertically or horizontally stacked bars. These grilles are called billet because their stacked bars look similarly to the square section castings that are created when steel is formed. CNC machined grilles are custom-made and cut using a computer to match your preferences.


There are four options: stainless steel, carbon, ABS plastic and aluminium. Stainless steel grilles are one of the more popular grilles since they are extremely strong and have high corrosion resistance too. Carbon grilles are the most expensive since this material is the sturdiest and most durable choice whilst being quite lightweight. Aluminium grilles are also lightweight and are close to stainless steel ones when it comes to strength. ABS grilles are light and rigid too but these are not as durable.

Some grille manufacturers use a chrome coating when it comes to an ABS grille to give it that glitter. Other manufacturers apply different coats such as magnesium or silicon – the former gives a grille rigidity and the latter provides protection from the elements. These coatings are added to the grille using a process called metalization.

Installing A Ford Grille

  1. For this type of installation you’ll only need three tools, a nut driver, screwdriver, and a trim panel removal tool. Make sure before you get your hands dirty, to put on safety glasses and latex gloves. Start by opening the bonnet and propping it up. Continue by removing covers, supports and seals that keep you from accessing the grille retainers.
  2. Make sure to remove the jack bar form the radiator and then the screws from the radiator’s plastic cover. Next, you need to remove the corner parking lights. This is done by removing one star screw from each light, located on the inside of the bonnet. Afterwards remove all the screws holding the grille’s surround body part. Usually this part is on the top of the radiator cover and then you have a couple behind the corner lights.
  3. You need to be careful on this next step. Under the grille you’ll find a plastic shroud which is held on by plastic pins. These pins go in easily but they are a pain to remove them from the shroud. In this case try using a flat head screwdriver to get them out – as long as you don’t damage the pins you’re going to be alright. There are two pins on each side that you have to remove, do not remove the ones in the centre.
  4. In the bottom middle of the grille surround there are two long pieces that connect the bottom of the grille surround to the frame. There is a clip you need to squeeze in order to release the grille surround form the frame. This clip is behind the grille, after which you squeeze you’ll just need to remove the grille surround from your Ford.
  5. Next, you’ll need to remove your Ford grille from the surround body. Start by prying open the clips but be careful not to go too hard on them. Next you’ll need to remove the Ford oval on the front. If your new grille comes with one there’s no need for this.

How Do You Remove the Emblem from a Ford Grille?

To remove the emblem from the grille you usually need to remove retaining rings using a flat head screwdriver. When you have them out remove the studs holding the emblem. Once that’s done just put back your new Ford oval by applying the adhesive on it and the retaining rings/ push pins. When the new oval is on continue finishing the replacement process by doing the same steps just in a reverse order.