The Top 3 4WD Accessories Everyone Should Consider

4WD Accessories

The amount of 4WD accessories you can add to a 4WD nowadays is astonishing. However, that doesn’t mean that you should install everything. In fact, some of them might end up doing you more harm than good and ruin your entire experience. That being said, carefully selecting what kind of modifications you make can definitely make a huge difference in how your vehicle performs, and how well it is protected from the rough driving.

You can buy 4WD accessories online from reliable wholesalers and skip the middle-man prices. In fact, you might get lucky and get discount 4WD accessories for a fraction of their retail price. Shopping online is easy, and you can look for accessories that are made for your model, make, and year 4WD specifically. All of this makes online shopping convenient, and personally, my preferred method for finding new accessories and gear for my 4WD.

The first accessory that comes to most 4WD enthusiast’s minds is the bull bar, or more commonly known to us Aussies – the ‘roo bar. The ‘roo bar provides optimum protection to the 4WD’s vital heat exchangers and engine, and is considered essential for off-road riding. However, when shopping for one, make sure it complies with the regulations concerning airbag trigger and that it is pedestrian friendly. Front rear protection is important, because you never know when an emu is going to come at you for messing with his ancestors to get some sweet revenge.

Next, you need to get some kind of recovery equipment to help you get yourself out of a sticky situation, like getting stuck in mud. There are various different types of recovery equipment, and the most popular one is the recovery track. Recovery tracks are very affordable, so you don’t have to wait for a wholesaler to have a discount 4WD accessories sale for you to buy them. Just go online now and order a pair.

Lastly, get a roof rack to secure all your cargo. What’s the point of being safe from the outside elements, if you’re exposed at the risk of something hitting you in the back of your head? There have been multiple cases of people suffering serious injuries as a result of impact from an unsecured item they stashed in their back seat. Roof racks come in various shapes and sizes, they’re easy to install and require little to no maintenance. Besides making you safer, they expand your storage capacity significantly, allowing you to take more stuff on your trips.