Top Reasons to Install a Dash Cam in Your Car


Gadgets and accessories make our lives easier and more convenient, some more than others. But when it comes to automotive gadgets, nothing beats the dash cam. Although a relatively new trend and technology, dash cams can help you in a wide range of situations. You can score a great insurance deal if you show the insurance company that you have a dashcam, you can get out of a ticket, have a record of the accident you’re in, monitor your children’s and spouse’s driving skills and make yourself a better driver. This is the summary of the top benefits dash cams offer to you, but let’s get into more detail.

Insurance Rates and Frauds

There are many insurance companies that will offer a 10-15% or even more off their price just because you showed them that you have a dash cam. Further, you can fight insurance fraud. Many times, scummy people do this thing called “crash for cash” where they jump in front of your car, or bump into you and overdramatize the outcome. A dash cam can and will defend you against claims of this kind.

Getting Out of a Ticket

Police officers are people too, and they can make an honest mistake and write you up for something you didn’t do. Or, maybe the one that stopped you is just looking to get you into trouble for no reason at all. Offer your dashcam footage to the police officer before they write you up, or just remind them that you have one, that may change their mind. Being written up can impact your insurance rates in the future, and you can prevent unnecessary write-ups with these handy automotive gadgets.

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A Record of an Accident

People oftentimes have completely different descriptions and memories of events like accidents. Nobody likes to believe they’re guilty, and some people are just too prideful of their driving abilities. With actual video proof, you can prove that you aren’t responsible for an accident, and it can help deal with the aftermath in your favor, like convincing insurance companies about who’s at fault without having drawn-out discussions.

Monitoring Your Children and Spouse’s Driving Skills

New drivers don’t have the experience and confidence to drive through busy intersections, but they have to start somewhere, right? Many people like having an experienced driver next to them for the first couple of drives, while others don’t like the pressure that comes from that. If your kids or spouse is in the latter group, then a dash cam can be a great way to review their skills without putting pressure on them on the spot. A clean record will eventually ensure your kids or spouse receives a decent insurance policy much quicker.