Tying the Knot with Pendants as Your Kitchen Lighting Choice


If you’ve succeeded in narrowing down your options when it comes to choosing the type of lighting for your kitchen and you have your mind set on pendants, I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but you still have a lot of thinking to do. Pendant lights are incredibly versatile as there are various designs, shade options, materials and bulb options, however knowing which one from the main categories would suit your kitchen best is still a huge step towards your final decision.



Since they tend to be smaller, these pendants typically hang together in multiples. The most common hanging pendant lamp of this type looks like an upside-down wine glass. There’s also the closed tear type, but they tend to give out a little bit less light as the light shines through the glass housing. The closed type is more often used for general lighting whereas the open one for spot lighting.


Due to their larger size, these pendants can serve as a nice way to make a statement in your kitchen, especially if it’s modern. The light from such hanging pendant comes from the inside of the bowl which can be fixed in two different ways. The first way allows for the light to be projected onto a more specific spot and it called the standard type. The second option is the inverted way which means that the opening of the shade is facing the ceiling, thus reflecting light all over the room.


A globe-shaped hanging pendant lamp would have its light source inside the spherical housing, which makes these fixtures ornate and most eye-catching. Contrary to most types of lighting fixtures that shine a highly visible beam in a specific spot, these pendants tend to radiate a soothing glow.


What these fixtures basically are is a stretching cloth or another material put over a circular metal frame and they tend to be larger than most other styles. Regarding how they can be used to light a space, these pendants are quite flexible and can either be adapted to light up the whole kitchen or just one spot. A rule of thumb to follow if you want more light is not to go for the darker coloured shades.

Exposed Bulb

This budget-friendly type of fixture is perfect for minimalists or people who like industrial or rustic décor and they are anything but boring. Good for both ambient and task lighting, these simple pendants can also be a DIY project.