With Built-In BBQs to the Most Convenient and Enjoyable Cookouts


Barbecuing or grilling as we all know it has a different past. The origins of barbecuing, or at least the closest thing to it, was first practiced by the indigenous people of the Caribbean – they used to preserve meat by drying it with the help of the sun. This is far from modern day grilling, but it is the process on which today’s cookouts are based on. What these people called “barbacoa”, quickly evolved into a smoking process.

In colonial times, steam was the base of barbecuing and it wasn’t until around 1845 that barbecued meat became a hard worker’s common meal. Almost a century later, the boom of BBQs and weekend cookouts started and it lasted a solid period during the 50s.

Barbecuing became popular all over the world and in countries such as Australia it is close to being a national religion. Today, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right grill for your patio. The best suited type for that are built-in BBQs.

built in bbq

Benefits of Built-in BBQs


With a basic outdoor grill, you can’t really implement any novelties. A barbecue built in model, on the other hand, can give you endless customisation options, from drawers to burners and other kitchen accessories. You can have it match with your décor and customise it so that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The cooking accessories that you can pair with a built in BBQ can help make your cookouts more convenient.


Since these types of BBQs are embedded, you won’t need to go inside and back just to get some utensils. You can have everything you need close to you. You won’t have to carry everything back into your house after you’re done either if you include a sink with your built in BBQ grill.

Space Saving

Since with this option your grill becomes part of your outdoor kitchen, you get more space for other things. This way you can have a bigger dinner table or more space for dancing. Whatever you want to add to your patio area, you can rest assured that a built in grill won’t be in the way.

Home Value

If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, a built-in patio grill can help increase its value. The majority of built in BBQs are made of stainless steel (a high-grade material), which means that they can withstand various weather conditions and can last you a long time.

Money Saving

Cooking out during summer days can be beneficial for your wallet. Instead of grilling inside with the AC on, you can enjoy a cold drink outside without anything running to keep you cool.


Unlike a standalone grill, a built-in one won’t get damaged or broken down as easily. All you’ll have to do is perform regular maintenance so it can function properly and you’re good to go for as long as you are able to stand on your feet and grill.

Types of Built-in BBQs


biul in gas grill

A gas barbecue built in your outdoor kitchen is the most common solution you’ll come across. This is because gas grills can work both on propane and natural gas, and you can hook one up to your local utility provider. The latter is a more convenient and less expensive option since you don’t need to constantly get propane tanks and hook them up each time you get a new one. Gas grills are ideal for those of you who want to quickly start up your grill without too much preparation or cleaning up afterwards. Do keep in mind that gas grills are not going to provide the best of flavours and they are usually on the more expensive side.


built-in charcoal bbq

Taste-wise, it’s best to go with charcoal as it gives a unique smoky taste to your meat which doesn’t come with any other type of grill. Charcoal built-in BBQs do require a lot of preparation and cleaning too, you can’t just fire it up and start grilling. There’s at least 45 minutes of startling the coals and pre-heating the grill before you can put the meat on the grate.


biult-in electric bbq

Unlike both gas and charcoal grills, there’s no fire involved with electric ones. An electric built in BBQ grill is best for people living in more urban areas with strict fire regulations. These type of BBQs are easy to use and require very little maintenance too.


How Far Should a Built In Grill be From The House?

When placing your grill on a patio you should always put it on flat ground and away from low-hanging branches. Potentially flammable debris like mulch and bins should be away from the grill.

Can Any BBQ be Built In?

Some grills can and others cannot. This depends on the manufacturer and the type of grills they make that can be built in your patio or balcony.

Where Should a Grill Be Placed on a Patio?

Whether it’s charcoal or gas-powered, a built in BBQ grill should be placed at least 3 meters away from your deck railing, home, garage and other structures.