Your Ultimate Guide to Western Casual Clothing


Who says that western wear is for cowboys only, right? While it’s true that its original purpose is mainly practical but it’s not necessarily limited to that only. Why not have a shot at bringing the Wild West all the way to the big city with some playful western combinations? If you’re not afraid of playing around with fashion and trying out bold new styles, then you should definitely give western attire a go. And no, it’s more than just putting on a cowboy hat and donning a pair of fancy cowboy boots. That’s just the tip of the stereotypical iceberg – there’s loads more to discover underneath.

In any case, if you’re willing to saddle up and try it out, you’re in for a fun little ride. Fortunately for you, we’re here to steer you on the right track by giving you our favourite suggestions on stylish western casual attire you can buy. So giddy-up and enjoy the ride!

Western Outfit

What Is Western Casual Clothing?

When you hear this phrase, you immediately associate it with the clothes that cowboys and cowgirls wear. In short, western casual attire is supposed to be the perfect blend of comfortable and contemporary, including accurate historical depictions of casual country clothing along with a few modern-day tweaks to keep up with the times. Plus, the durability of western clothing is practically a guarantee since they’re specifically designed to withstand a whole day in the saddle.

Recently, this type of clothing has been popularised in the media, with celebrities and influences flaunting their cowboy-inspired clothing every chance they get. With its ever-growing popularity, it’s no surprise that western attire is all the rage at the moment. Sure, not all of us are actual cowboys but that’s not stopping us from getting our yee-haws on once in a while. It’s all about having a bit of fun, you know?

Suit Up in the Right Western Clothing

To help you out, we’ve prepared a short and straight-to-the-point list of essentials when it comes to casual western wear. It’s not as complicated as it sounds so there’s no need to panic just yet.

Plaid Shirt

Coming up first on our list, quite expectedly so in fact, is the good ol’ plaid shirt. Whether you’re looking for a long-sleeved shirt to keep warm in the colder breeze or a short-sleeved one that’ll help you stay cool, you can have it all. The classic plaid shirt has been a staple for western culture for many years and it doesn’t seem like it’ll slow down anytime soon either.

Not really a fan of the plaid pattern? No problem, there are many instances of single-colour, plain cowboy shirts that are just as trendy and practical. Plus, these shirts are much more versatile and you can easily combine them with a variety of other design patterns and styles.

Sherpa Vest and Jacket

We absolutely adore sherpa since it’s extremely soft and fuzzy. This is why it’s quite good at trapping body heat and keeping you warm during the winter. Whether you decide to opt for a vest or jacket, you’re going to enjoy the snuggly feeling of the sherpa lining on your skin.

The best thing about sherpa is that it’s both breathable and insulating at the same time. This is because it has the same feathery texture as wool with an added modern edge.

Western Jeans

Also known as boot-cut jeans, they start to widen at the knee and continue to do so until the end of the pants. Cowboys and ranch workers put this design to good use by combining them with work boots. Slowly but surely, these jeans experienced a surge in demand by the general public.

All things considered, western jeans can easily complement all outfit ideas and body types. The tapered thigh area offers a slim and flattering fit while the wide hems provide great comfort and freedom of movement. It’s the perfect combination of skin-tight and loose jeans that makes them the perfect pair of vintage jeans. Moreover, they’re especially appealing to shoe enthusiasts who can really show off their favourite models, whether it’s boots or high heels.

Western Jeans

Add Some Edge With Footwear

For most people, the first and obvious instance of footwear that comes to mind here is a comfy pair of cowboy boots. While their original design is entirely utilitarian and functional, with the tall boot protecting the leg from cuts and scrapes, it’s recently taken on a more high-fashion turn. In fact, their ornate and sturdy leather build is a great option for all shoe lovers everywhere.

The design of cowboy boots has undergone certain changes over the years though it has retained most of its signature features. For instance, their rugged and sophisticated appearance is normally topped off with a rounded and narrow toe which adds a bit more comfort for the wearer. Since Australia is the land of cattle, horseback and cowboys, it comes as no surprise that there’s a considerable demand for these types of boots.

Top It Off With Accessories

To finish off your cowboy look and add some spice to your outfit, you should definitely add a few accessories.

Cowboy Hat

And no, this doesn’t mean that you need to whip on a straw hat since there is a whole range of other materials available. Felt cowboy hats in particular are a sophisticated and timeless accessory worn by some of the most famous old-school cowboys. These hats are normally made of wool or animal fur and can be dyed in any colour you want. Due to this kind of versatility, you can freely customise your hat to suit your style.

Western Hat

Cowboy Belt

Back in the day, cowboys used to wear large belt buckles as trophies to show off their accomplishments. In today’s world, they’re used as modern fashion accessories of unique shapes and sizes. In this way, you can truly give your outfit that extra western edge.