Not Just for Making Smoothies: Why Choose the Kuvings Vacuum Blender?


Whether you’re looking for ways to prepare delicious food for weight loss or you just want to get on the healthier side of life, all you need is a good food blender in your kitchen. And as much as many people may think that blenders only serve for preparing their typical smoothie, this is far from the truth. A high-quality blender should be able to prepare different types of blends – from nutrient-packed hot soups and different spreads for your favourite meals to healthy and balanced desserts. And truth be told, not all the blenders are able to deliver the same consistency and smoothness of each blend. This is where Kuvings saves the day.

Kuvings Strives to Make Healthy Living More Delicious

vacuum blender with fruit inside

When we’re talking about high-quality blenders a lot of people worldwide trust, Kuvings blenders are packed with multiple features and conveniences for everyone. Kuvings are market leaders in over 80 countries, and it’s no wonder, considering their mission to make healthy living efficient, convenient and delicious. 

They manufacture their products based on three core values – to provide a lifestyle for a better tomorrow and reap the benefits of natural food for our bodies and the environment while getting the most innovative food blenders on the market. Thanks to these brand values, Kuvings’ innovative and technology-packed products have been recognized and awarded by many organizations such as “iF Design Awards”, “Red Design Awards”, “Spark Design Awards” and many more. 

Vacuum Feature

 vacuum blender

Not all brands offer blenders that are packed with a vacuuming feature, and the truth is that this feature is more convenient than you can imagine. In fact, vacuum blenders are responsible for sucking out the air from your ingredients in the blending jug before you even start blending them up. Hence, you won’t have to deal with the annoying bubbly layer on top of your blend and therefore, you’ll get a perfectly smooth and consistent meal that will stay fresh for a long time.

Except for your blends having a smooth, air-free texture for a better taste, oxygen-free blends are also healthier for you. At this point, know that a good-quality vacuum blender Australia and worldwide experts would recommend should also preserve the nutrients in the ingredients to provide you with perfectly balanced meals, avoid the annoying bloating in your stomach and keep you full for a longer time. So, don’t hesitate to get a Kuvings vacuum blender Australia wide kitchenware stores offer and transform your eating routine to make you feel better, inside and outside.



Except for being packed with a vacuum feature, Kuvings blenders are featuring six stainless steel blades. In fact, stainless steel is naturally antibacterial and therefore, the most hygienic material for kitchenware. In other words, stainless steel doesn’t have any pores that can be the ideal breeding spot for bacteria, germs and microbes that can find their way into your blends. This is why stainless steel is one of the most commonly used materials for residential and commercial kitchen applications.

Except for being made from stainless steel, Kuvings blenders’ blades are also moving 3-dimensionally which will push your ingredients to the bottom and provide you with deeper and even more consistent blends.

Noise-Reduction Feature

blender with fruit in it

The best thing about Kuvings blenders is that they’re packed with a heavily insulated motor that doesn’t produce excessive noise. To make these blenders even less noisy, Kuvings came up with their unique noise reduction cover that makes their blenders perfect for small apartments without waking up the entire household.

Powerful Machine


Kuvings food blenders are packed with very powerful 1,700-watt motors that won’t struggle to chop and shred through frozen fruit, nuts and any tough ingredients. And even though this power rating is mostly intended for commercial use, Kuvings blenders will allow you to prepare restaurant-quality smoothies and different blends even from the comfort of your home. These motors are also enhanced with 32,000 RPMs of maximum speed to make your blends even smoother and more consistent, regardless of what ingredient you “toss” inside the jug.

Adjustable Speed Settings


Even though Kuvings blenders feature 32,000 RPMs of maximum speed for different types of blends, these blenders allow you to fully adjust the speed. The best Kuvings models feature even 12 adjustable speed settings you can choose according to the ingredients you’re blending and the taste you want to achieve. In other words, you can go for lower speed settings to preserve the nutrients in the soft ingredients for baby food, or use the turbo button to “smash” every single bit of your frozen strawberries for creamy ice cream.


Kuvings smart blender

Some Kuvings smart blender models include pre-programmed modes and settings that will optimize the time and the speed according to the blend you’re preparing. In other words, you can adjust your Kuvings blender to grind, crush ice, knead dough and foam or whip creams with just a single touch of a button. By having this convenience, you’ll be able to choose the desired setting for any type of blend and leave your Kuvings blender to get the job done without you “droning” over to control your meal’s consistency and quality.

Appealing Designs

Kuvings food processor

Kuvings food processor and blender machines come in a bunch of different colours and designs- from the sleek silver and classic black designs to the vibrant red models. This way, you can choose something you can “display” on your countertop since you won’t struggle to find a model that will match your kitchen design and décor.

Now that you know about the useful features and conveniences, don’t hesitate to hit your favourite kitchenware shop and get yourself a high-end Kuvings blender. You’ll see how it instantly changes your daily eating habits and contribute to your well being.