Commercial Indoor Planters: Your Office Allies to Indoor Air Quality


Somewhere down the line of technological advancements, we failed to see the change of lifestyles take place. Unlike in the past where people had some sort of balance between work and pleasure, nowadays we’re all more or less workaholics. I take it from me, because there’s never a day when I don’t take work home so not even leisure time steers me away from a tight schedule. Though I try to maintain healthy habits, it’s not always possible to resist processed foods as they’re ready made and won’t cost me precious work-related time, and no matter how much I talk myself into exercising every day, I still skip on workouts occasionally.


Despite my attempts to put my life on the right track, all the hours of stay in the office take their toll. Along with the usual neck and back pain, I’d also started feeling the symptoms of the carpal tunnel syndrome, and of course the annoying eye strain. I’d managed to reduce their impact greatly thanks to the addition of ergonomics, starting from the chair with the requisites – head and armrest, to the mouse, footrest and monitor stand. Everything seemed fine except for the persistent headache that appeared nothing could help get rid of until I figured what was lacking in my office was a dash of greenery. It was something I’d always been putting off simply because of fear I’d kill all the plants with my lack of care, forgetting to tend to their needs. As it turned out it was nothing commercial indoor planters can’t handle.


Due to their built-in reservoir, watering is made easy as you only get to fill it up and wait for the indicator to let you know when refill is needed. Thanks to their connector hoses, commercial indoor planters can also be joined together and make up a continuous boundary, creating a visual impact as though the room is divided. Even so, watering is still easy thanks to the linked reservoirs. Since they are raised they’re easy for tending and their clip-on drip tray will give you no trouble. I made the purchase way before I decided on the kind of plants I wanted to include in my office because I got smitten by their ingenious design.

Though at first I wanted to go for more flowers so I’d get a livelier colourful interior, it was NASA’s guide to air-filtering plants that changed my mind. I spend most of the time in this enclosed space, even after my working hours, so it was in my best interest to make use of it to the fullest and create a pleasant atmosphere by clearing up the air with the help of nature and get rid of headaches once and for all. That’s how spider and snake plants made it in my décor. Which are the plants that help you purify the air at your workplace?