Bedrooms: What Difference a Change of Bedding Makes


Most of us like having a neutral colour pattern in the bedroom – white, creamy and very pale earth tones, as these emit the calm ambiance we so need when we go to bed at night. And then, there are also those of us who sincerely and strongly hold onto their style: all kinds of strong nuances and colour combinations like grey and red screaming all over the room. As long as all that colourful boom is well combined with decorations and the bedding, all is great.

If your taste leans more towards the neutral palette, but you also want to give your bedroom some kind of character and meaning, then you can think about manipulating with the colours of certain elements in you bedroom design and décor scheme.

One way you can do that is by adding a dash of colour in an all-white bedroom by changing the bedding. The bedding includes everything from mattress sheets and pillow cases, to duvet covers. When you enter the bedroom, the bed is almost always the first thing that catches your eye and by choosing a fancy bedding set, you can easily make it the element of impression.

The best thing about making the bed the focal point of your bedroom is the fact that you can do it with one single step: looking for bedding sets online, where the offer is wide and the choices are endless. All you need to have in advance is an idea of what would you like to achieve with this move. And if you don’t have it, consider these examples which may sparkle your creativity.


Monochromatic design
In a room with a lot of details on the walls, like picture frames, wall stickers in the form of flowers, stars and other shapes, as well as other decorative pieces, the best design for the bedding would be something completely clean. Look for monochromatic bedding sets online, which would be sets in one colour only with no pattern on them. You can go in any direction with this one: red, purple, green, basically whichever colour you prefer. Then you can simply add something like a set of decorative books, or a vase with artificial flowers in the same shade. Voila, you have created a whole new look of your bedroom. If your walls are covered with patterned wallpapers, choose the shade which is less present in the whole design and pair the colour of the bedding with it. It would create an amazing harmony.

Geometry everywhere
Geometric figures have always been a famous design in all clothing and fabric industry. Who doesn’t like a dress with a few squares in different, but tastefully matched colours? You can go with this alternative here as well – you can choose bedding with geometric figures which can include more colours and that way create kind of a colour mash in the room. However, with this choice you should be careful with the decorations and the rest of the room design, as too much colours can easily disturb the ambiance in the room and create a mess.

Finally, the material
As much as colour is important for the interior design, the material is just as important. Not so much for the design and décor purpose, but for the comfort that would make you feel better in your own soothing oasis. Go with natural materials, such as bamboo, or cotton. These are soft to the skin, don’t evoke any allergies and are easy to maintain.