Defining the Rules for Wearing Ties According to the Occasion


Men are never considered more attractive than when they have a tie around their neck. It is one of the most definitive articles of clothing to wear when trying to leave an impression, the reason being that it is an item which can be worn at a great number of venues, and almost always match the dress-code. But while it is an almost universal clothing article that can be worn with nearly anything, not each tie can go with each suit or shirt. Nor can you wear just any costume to every event. That’s where designer ties come in to the rescue.

mens designer ties

Mens designer ties are the easiest way to find that perfect tie for whatever occasion you decide to wear it for. Seeing as how most ties not only have very distinct patterns, but can also come in a large variety of sizes, shapes and styles, figuring out when to wear each one can be a difficult undertaking sometimes. Mens designer ties however give you the ability to always get it right, without even once missing a beat. And the rules to matching the type of event to the clothing item are not that hard to remember.


mens designer ties

Everyone wants to make a good first impression. Especially in front of their boss. However the problem comes when you try to pick out a tie which can attract just the right amount of attention, but preferably not for the wrong reasons. And often-times that can be a very thin line not to cross.
Recommended: Rich, basic colours, often with a stripped pattern are most businessmen’s kind of choice.


mens designer ties

This is the category where anything goes. All of those laid-back occasions where no one is strictly obeying any rigorous dress-code are the perfect occasion to try and get away with any tie that you like, but would hesitate to put on at any other time.
Recommended: Brighter, more jovial colours, and much more elaborate patterns (if this is what you’ve always wanted to try on wearing, of course).


mens designer ties

This is for the times when you aren’t quite sure how the night is going to turn out, or you simply don’t know the exact nature of the event you are heading to. It might seem like this situation is to make for more indecisiveness, but it’s actually quite the opposite. This creates the occasion for the type of ties can be worn to a much larger number of happenings than the previous groups.
Recommended: Solid colours, often high-sheen or visibly textured often provide the greatest flexibility in most situations.

It is an almost unspoken truth among men that we don’t know nearly as much about ties as we let on. Most of us can’t even tie one. But with a little help you just might not need to bluff it anymore.