Retail Carrier Bags: A Powerful Tool to Promote Your Business


As a retail business you’re probably doing your best to make sure your customers are always satisfied. Quality products, attractive deals, a motivated staff always happy to help and a pleasant store atmosphere – these are the things on which you normally focus your attention in order to ensure the success of your business. However, only the smartest retail stores know that attractive shopping bags are also a powerful tool for promoting your business.

Whatever store you go, whatever you buy, you always get a shopping bag to carry your purchase home – sometimes a good one and sometimes a bad one. And in today’s fast paced world where quality is often overlooked for the sake of quantity, a customer will really appreciate the rare moments when his goods are packaged in a bag that won’t tear before he gets home. The business that goes the extra length to provide quality retail carrier bags will always stand out as more considerate about their customers and be able to win their trust easier.


Regarding quality and durability, paper bags have the upper hand over plastic ones. Good paper bags can usually support more weight than the plastic ones, and what’s best, they’re also biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Using eco-friendly bags makes your business look more professional and shows great concern about the environment, which won’t go unnoticed and unappreciated by customers. If you’re a florist or own a grocery store, you might be sceptical about using paper bags, thinking that paper and moist things do not mix well. But there’s a solution – thicker paper bags, like for instance Kraft, which can withstand moisture without getting damaged.

But besides ensuring the customer gets to carry his purchase home safely, there’s another benefit to good retail carrier bags and that is business promotion. When a retail store invests in custom shopping bags that include their logo and information, they’re also investing in a free, walking billboard. Once the customer leaves the store, the shopping bag meets quite a few potential customers along the way. If it manages to grab their attention for longer than a second, it can succeed in generating interest about your business. And if the customer can re-purpose your bag again and again, your brand exposure multiplies even more. But only the best of bags can make the cut so stores are racing to get thicker and more sturdy models.

Just remember that your choice of retail carrier bags will definitely affect how people see you. Opting for the cheapest packaging option might be an economical solution, but it will send out the subliminal yet destructive message that you’re cheap and that you don’t care about the state of your products. Of course, you don’t want people to come to the wrong conclusion. For that reason, you should always ensure that your carrier bags always reflect your brand’s desired image.