Electric Bike Buying Guide


The annual sales for electric bikes have gone up compared to a few years ago. In fact, if you were to make a list of the fastest-growing segments of the bicycle industry over the past few years, electric bikes would be near the top. Why? Well, because they’re awesome!

E-bikes make riding easier and more appealing to an ever-broadening array of people. They are both a healthy recreational outlet and a frugal means of transportation. It is no wonder they have become so popular over the past few years. Whether for recreation or commuting, you want your new bike to be dependable and user-friendly.

How do E-bikes Work?

man riding electric bicycle
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E-bikes are powered by a battery that is recharged by pedalling. The battery is located in the hub of the front wheel, or on the frame of the bike if it’s a mid-drive model. An electric motor is connected to the crank, which drives a gear system that turns the sprockets and chain. The motor can be powered by a variety of sources including electricity, stored mechanical energy (in regenerative braking systems), and human power (in pedal-assist).

Different Types

The first step in looking into an electric bicycle for sale is deciding what type is right for you. Here are some common categories:

Mountain Bikes With Pedal Assistance

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These are rugged bicycles designed for mountain trails, but they can also be used for commuting or general riding around town. They usually have 20-inch tires and fat tires to help absorb bumps in the road. Some bikes have front shocks to smooth out rough terrain, while others have rear shocks to reduce jolting when going over bumps or potholes.

Fully Electric Mountain Bikes

These are similar to regular mountain bikes but with an electric motor that provides pedal assistance only while climbing hills or going downhill — they don’t work on flat surfaces at all. They’re generally heavier than regular mountain bikes because they use larger motors and batteries. Because they’re heavier you should look into what kind of rack for your car you’ll need to handle the weight.

Hybrid Bicycles With Pedal Assistance

Hybrids are street/mountain type of electric bicycle for sale that can handle both paved and unpaved roads equally well. They’re great for commuters who want to ride off-pavement (paved roads) without sacrificing performance on rough surfaces (unpaved roads). Hybrids often come with two different modes of pedal assist: one mode for flat surfaces, and one mode that provides extra power when you need it most.

Frame Style

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The frame style of an e-bike is another important factor to consider. The frame style determines how comfortable the bike will be to ride and how easy it is to maintain. Steel frames are the most common material for e-bike frames. They’re strong, durable, and affordable. However, they can rust and corrode over time if not well-maintained. Aluminium frames are lighter than steel ones but also less durable.

They’re usually constructed using hydroforming or extrusion techniques, which makes them stronger than stamped aluminium frames. Carbon fibre is a lightweight material that is both strong and flexible. Carbon fibre has become more popular in recent years because it offers more options for customization compared to other materials like aluminium or steel.

Motor Type

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The next thing you need to know about selecting the best e bikes is the motor type. Different types of motors provide different levels of assistance, speed, and torque. This is why one person might prefer a 250-watt hub motor over a 500-watt mid-drive motor. You’ve got two options:

  • Hub motors – These are the most affordable type of e-bike motors. They are mounted on the front wheel hub and provide power directly to the wheel. This allows you to use your own gears, but they also make you more vulnerable in case your chain breaks or falls off.
  • Mid-drive motors – Mid drives are compact and powerful because they’re located directly between the crankset and rear wheel. They transfer power through a chain rather than through gears, so they’re quieter and more efficient than hub motors. However, they may not work well with larger frames because there isn’t enough room under them for the motor casing.


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Batteries are the most crucial component of an electric bike. They determine the range, top speed, and how long the battery will last between charges. Batteries for e-bikes come in two main types: lithium-ion and lead-acid. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive but have better performance. They can be smaller and lighter than lead-acid batteries, which means they make it easier to build a lightweight e-bike with more power and less weight. Lithium-ion batteries also last longer than lead-acid ones, so you don’t need to charge them as often or carry a spare battery if you’re riding long distances on your e-bike.

Lead-acid batteries are cheaper than lithium-ion and can be found in almost every type of vehicle today including cars, boats, motorcycles, and trucks. They weigh less than lithium-ion but have lower energy density (measured in watt-hours). This means that they produce less electricity for each pound of weight compared with lithium-ion batteries.

Try Before You Buy

One way to avoid making mistakes when buying an electric bicycle is to try it before you buy. This will give you a chance to test out different models and see which one fits best with your lifestyle and budget. If possible, visit your local bike shop ordo your research on the e-store prior to purchasing an electric bike online.