Everything You Need to Know About Refurbished Apple iPhones


Like it or not, smartphones have snaked their way into every aspect of our lives. Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone on the 9th of January, 2007 and helped drive the global shift to mobile computing. Made by Apple, the iPhone is a device with a touchscreen interface that combines a cellular phone, iPod, computer and a digital camera. If you just look at the iPhone’s evolution from the time it was introduced to the world until today, you will realise how fast the smartphone market is expanding and how the iPhone became an iconic device. 

On the 24th of September, 2021, Apple released the iPhone 13 range, so there will be no new iPhone until September next year. But if you don’t want to spend your money to get a new iPhone, you may consider refurbished Apple cheap iPhones. When Apple releases a new iPhone, those who simply must have the newest tech, say goodbye to their old phones, so you can find a range of different iPhone models, from iPhone 12 to iPhone 11 and many other options.

Why Choose a Refurbished iPhone?

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Save Money

The term refurbished can make some buyers uneasy as if anything that’s not new is defective in some way, but regardless of that, refurbished smartphones are gaining popularity as they are a great opportunity to get your dream smartphone at an amazing price. They can look and work as good as new smartphones as they have undergone a thorough refurbishment process after they have been owned by someone else.

However, a used and a refurbished smartphone is not the same thing. A used iPhone may come at a very low price, but it may or may not have a warranty. A refurbished iPhone, on the other hand, is repaired by professional technicians and comes with a warranty. So, if you want to get an older iPhone or some of the latest versions within your budget limits, and stay on the safe side, look for refurbished and unlocked Apple cheap iPhones

Use It Everywhere

Another great thing about these phones, besides the price, is that they are not exclusively tied to only one carrier. Instead, unlocked smartphones can be moved from one network to another by swapping the SIM card inside. This is a great advantage, especially when travelling abroad, so you can pop in local SIM cards whenever needed.

Help the Environment

Wondering how?! Well, seeing a refurbished iPhone means that the device was not dismissed and thrown into landfills. When a smartphone is being dumped, it has some adverse effects on the environment because it contains plastic parts and lithium-ion batteries, which are hard to destroy. Buying a smartphone that was refurbished and sold is like giving a second chance and makes the environment better.

How to Choose a Refurbished iPhone?

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What Will You Use It for?

If you need a phone primarily for texts and phone calls, an older, cheap iPhone may work just fine. But if you are upgrading to a newer model or want to replace an iPhone that is broken, then you may want to invest in the latest one you can afford. 

Know What You Are Buying

Not every reseller defines refurbished the same way. Refurbished phones don’t necessarily include new batteries, so make sure to look for information on the restoration process, whether it includes battery replacement and the standard accessories. 

Make Sure to Check All Important Features

When getting a refurbished iPhone, it’s important to check if all the essential features are working well, like camera, lighting port, touch or face ID and battery. When it comes to battery, some refurbished smartphones can recharge less than their maximum battery life, around 80% or more, so make sure that you get an iPhone with guaranteed battery life.

Always Check for Warranty

Most resellers offer a warranty on refurbished phones, so you can expect your iPhone to perform like a new one of its range. They perform multiple checks and test to ensure the iPhone is in good working condition. Most of the smartphones they resell have been returned from the owners because of manufacturing defects or other reasons, including damaged boxes, logistics issues or simply because they didn’t like what they got, so they returned the phone in perfect condition. The resellers buy these phones, perform a quality check on each one of them, make sure they meet the standards for sellable condition and then sell. 

Read the Documents Carefully

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Act like you are buying a new iPhone. You would go through all the details before making the purchase, right? Well, do the same when buying a refurbished model and read all the papers carefully. You may find some hidden conditions and think twice before buying the device. 

As we all know people don’t buy Apple products just because they like the hardware, but because they become part of an ever-growing ecosystem of services and software that allows them to do more with the products if they continue investing in it. That’s why if you own an iPhone, whether new or refurbished, you want to keep it in a good condition longer, so make sure to get an iPhone case, same as you would get a MacBook case to keep your MacBook Pro stylish and protected