Incase – a Top Brand to Keep Your MacBook Pro Stylish and Protected


Nobody wants the beautiful aluminum body of their precious MacBook scuffed or scratched. After a MacBook is a hefty investment, and as such, you need to do your best to protect it. Luckily, MacBook cases and sleeves come to the rescue. They’re a great way to keep your device well-protected, store it for traveling, or just look classy when you’re carrying your computer around the office. However, there is an overwhelming number of cases and sleeves for MacBook to choose from and we have the best from the best. Enter the spotlight – Incase MacBook Pro cases.

Hardshell Case

It may look rather simple but the ergonomics and compatibility of this case can’t be matched by any other model. The Incase MacBook Pro Hardshell comes in four different colours – electric yellow, cobalt, raspberry, red-orange. Yes, I know that covering the premium aluminium build of your MacBook Pro is not among your favorite things, but that’s why Incase also makes, what they call, a “hammered” version of it.

Incase MacBook Pro 6

This type of textured hardshell case comes in strawberry, black frost, tropic blue, and completely clear option. You are probably thinking that a hardshell may not be such a good idea as the MacBook is a thermal throttling nightmare. Well, since the heat is mostly present in the hinge, your device won’t be affected as the case doesn’t come in contact with it.

Textured Hardshell Woolenex

If you are someone who isn’t concerned whether the Apple logo is showing or not, this is the right case for you. The Textured Hardshell Woolenex by Incase isn’t that tough but it feels very comfortable in the hand and it provides a solid amount of protection. It is made from Woolenex fabric with a plastic frame inside, four rubber “feet” underneath and ventilation holes on the side. Woolenex is a durable fabric made out of a polyester blend which has a water-resistant finish – coffee stains and smudges will be a thing of the past.

Snap Jacket

Incase MacBook Pro 7

This faux-leather case isn’t as much of a hardshell case due to its design but it’s made to fit the MacBook Pro. There is a rising point where the hinge is located which brings the screen a little bit closer. It comes in black, grey, pink, silver and gold colour, with the edges being the only part made from hardshell plastic. The Snap Jacket really suits the MacBook Pro like a leather jacket -it snaps on the outside of the laptop. If you are planning to use Apples’ USB-C Hub, this is a case to avoid.