Having Full Running Gear Can Boost Your Running Performance


If I have to be completely honest, I hate running. I find it exhausting, I sweat too much and I try to avoid doing it as much as I possibly can. Besides these things, another thing about running that bothers me a lot is that I can’t run in the sneakers I have, nor in the wide shirt I use for exercising. And not to talk about how my butt looks in the ordinary yoga pants I use for that purpose. I mean, that sight is a lot of things but it definitely isn’t something to put on display while it wiggles like a piece of fat when running.

So right before the point of completely giving up on running as a form of the much needed cardio, a friend of mine introduced me to a whole new approach to the activity: a fancier, much more organized one based on a full running gear. At first I was sceptical about the entire thing; how could running gear improve my running performance? What does clothing have to do with me being short of breath after just 10 minutes on the running track? Apparently, it’s all in the head – before your body is completely wasted and torn apart, your mind will give up about a 1000 times. That being said, the influence special running gear has on running performance is huge.


The Right Pants

This is especially important for women who want to shape their legs and sculpt them perfectly. Good pants made of a material that’s supposed to tighten the legs and hold everything into place are a lot better option for running than ordinary yoga pants. When everything is perfectly packed in running pants you won’t be discouraged to stop running because you see everything extra juggling. That would be the reason number one to start searching for running gear for sale ASAP.


The Top

Running in a simple white shirt that you no longer wear when you go out kills your motivation more than the fact that you need to lose a few kilos by Friday. Plus, what’s even more demotivating is the moment when you sweat like a pig in the gym and the shirt sticks to your body making everything visible. That’s why you’ll hit the stores that have a running gear for sale action and you’ll look for special running tops, which can be crop tops like sport bras, or specialized t-shirts designed especially for running. These are all made of the same material running pants are made of and as such, they don’t allow sweat to be visible and pour out of each sleeve.



Finally, running will be an even heavier activity if you don’t have the proper running shoes on. It’s important to have the right sneakers for running because if your feet (particularly your soles) don’t feel comfortable enough when they hit the ground with such an immense force and aren’t able to bounce you back quickly, you’re going to experience problems. Running will be extremely hard because your feet will feel heavy and you’ll get tired soon.

So to wrap it all up, the basic running gear set would consist of a nice pair of pants, top and a good quality pair of sneakers. All that will feed your motivation even more and consequently, boost your performance. Give it a try, there’s no harm in running a few kilometres for the sake of showing your running equipment. You might even like it.