Tips on Choosing a Hair Colour That Suits You Best


Switching to a different hair colour is a great way to make some changes in your look, but it’s also a great challenge, especially when you don’t know which colour would be right for you. However, this shouldn’t discourage you.

Basic Things to Consider

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First, think about how drastic of a change your desired colour actually is. One to two shades darker of lighter is something you can easily attain. If you want a more drastic change, then have in mind that in will take time. Next, consider your professional environment. Some dramatic hair colours may not be suitable for certain professions. If you want to both dye and cut your hair, make sure you cut it first. This will save you money and time. Also, consider how often you are willing to maintain the new colour. If you go for a shade closer to your natural one, you’ll need to touch up once a month, however, if you do a major change, you may need to re-apply hair colours every other week.

What Hair Colour Suits Me?- Choosing Hair Colour Based on Your Skin Tone

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Determining your skin tone is not particularly difficult. You need to have your face makeup clean and then go to a room where there is plenty of natural light. Before this, you need to ensure you are familiar with the four basic skin tones: fair/light, medium, olive and dark. Next step is checking for undertones. There are three main undertones: neutral, warm and cool. How to determine your undertone? Just turn your wrist and take a look at the colour of the veins. If they seem blue or purple, then you have a cool undertone. On the other hand, if they seem green, you have a warm undertone. If you can’t tell whether your veins are blue or green, you have a neutral skin tone. The colour of your eyes also affect how a certain colour looks on you.

  • Fair skin tone – If you have fair/light skin tone, you should look for lighter hair colours shades. If your undertone is warm, then you can choose something like caramel, copper red, golden blonde, strawberry, butterscotch and rust. On the other hand, you should avoid black and colours with violet or blue tints. If you have a cool undertone, going blonde is your best option, but you can also try dark brown, rich red and blue-hand black.
  • Medium skin tone – This is a versatile skin tone that allows for a wide range of shades. If you have a warm undertone, a blend between brown and blonde will look perfect. You can also consider copper or any golden hue like golden red, golden caramel, etc. Cool hues can make you look older so stay away from them. If you have a cool undertone, sand blonde or ashy blonde will suit you well but you can also try beige tones. Something like walnut brown, cinnamon or auburn will also work great.
  • Olive skin tones – If you have olive skin tones, all shades of brunette should work perfectly on you. If you have warm undertone go for deep golden and caramel shades. Honey-blonde and mocha are other great choices and rich warm colour like violet black and violet-red would also work well. If you want to get highlights to make sure you get them in gold or honey. On the other hand, if you have cool undertone opt for chestnut and cinnamon and mocha will make your skin looking smoother and clearer.
  • Dark skin tone – Most people with dark skin tone have warm undertones. However, you should still make the test to ensure. If you have warm undertone, you should look for caramel, maple, warm black or toffee and avoid colours with a green tint and ashy brown or ashy blonde colours. For person with a cool undertone the perfect choice would be deep black, but you can also go with blue-black, deep violet or espresso.
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In the end, you need to try it to know for sure. Sometimes it can be hard to imagine how a particular colour will look on you. However, you can try on wigs, just make sure they are realistic enough, made from natural hair. Also, take a look at your old photos. You may have already tried your perfect colour when you were a teenager, but you forgot. Last but not least, technology makes everything easier today. You can try some of the various hair colour apps. They may not be perfect, but you can use them go get a hint of what you’d look like. In the end, hair colouring is trial and error process and anyone can do with their hair whatever makes them feel comfortable.