Dress to Impress: How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe for Work


How many times have you woke up in the morning just to start your day with the question – what am I going to wear to work today? It can be daunting doing this every single day. Eventually, you may run out of new options which may lead to every woman’s worst nightmare – I have nothing to wear. If this is you, not being blessed with the simplicity of wearing a uniform for work, don’t worry, the answer isn’t in shopping for an entirely new workwear collection every season. The solution to your problem is very simple and it’s called a work capsule wardrobe.

What is a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is a collection of selected clothing items that go well together to make a variety of outfits. It’s often made out of versatile, timeless pieces of great quality. A work capsule wardrobe is the same concept applied to only workwear. It’s a great way to separate your work attire from the rest of your wardrobe, especially if your company has a more formal dress code and you can’t wear your work clothes in your free time and at the weekends. But it also works for casual work attire, meaning you can choose pieces that are more versatile and incorporate them into your everyday capsule wardrobe.

Regardless of the dress code or your style, creating a work capsule wardrobe can save you time, energy and money and can be a great way to add sustainability to your life. So, how do you build a capsule wardrobe for work?

Start Building with the Basics

Before buying anything, it’s a good idea to evaluate how the clothes you already have are going to fit in the look you want to create. This is an easy way to start with confidence and it will make the whole process less overwhelming, saving you some time and energy. Now that you’re ready, here are some of the basics every work look should be built on.

Ladies Work Tops – the Most Versatile Clothing Piece

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From business formal black and white ladies work shirts to business casual blouses and sleeveless shirts, ladies work tops are the most versatile clothing pieces. This makes them a great choice for your work capsule wardrobe. Several pieces in neutral colours may be the best base to build on either a darker or lighter outfit. The versatility comes from the fact that you can combine your work tops with different bottoms and create different outfits. For example, a white shirt goes well with almost everything, from a black pencil skirt and black tailored trousers in business formal to bright coloured wide-leg pants in business casual.

And, there are also plenty of options when layering your look with a cardigan or blazer. It can easily make its way to your everyday outfits too. You can easily wear it with different accessories, it matches both a pearl necklace and an elegant scarf. Just because something is plain and simple, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Choosing different cuts and designs that you’re comfortable in can make the most basic clothing item in your wardrobe your greatest self-expression mark in your office look leading to a turning heads point. And that has nothing to do with being boring.

Since this is the clothing piece you’ll spend most of your time in, another thing you should consider when buying a shirt is the quality. The purpose of the work capsule wardrobe is to help you maintain your work look simply and sustainably and you can achieve that only if you buy high-quality pieces. Being the most worn piece, ladies work tops should be made out of fabric that’s easy-care, breathable, sweat-masking and one that holds its shape, wash after wash. That way you can make the best out of them in the long run.

Skirts or Pants? Or Both?

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Bottoms are the second thing when it comes to building a work capsule wardrobe. The dress code of your workplace will have a bigger say on your work bottoms choice than your worktops. That’s because some certain pants and skirts can be a big no in business formal but can be very suitable for business casual. Depending on that and your style, choose 2 pieces that you can pull out at least 10 different outfits with. This may look like: a pencil skirt and a pair of wide-leg tailored pants in black or navy; 2 skirts with different cuts and a pair of fitted trousers in different colours or even a pair of denim pants if they’re acceptable. Make sure they’re comfortable enough and that you like how you look in them and you’re good to go.

Work Dresses – Easy Way to a Modern Office Look

Dresses may be the easiest way to a modern office look – you set the base in one move, layer up the look in another one and you’re done. If dresses aren’t your thing, it’s okay not to include them in your capsule wardrobe. But if they are, consider including at least 1, maybe 2 dresses. Knee-length wrap-up dresses, lightweight shirt dresses, fitted or belted – the list goes long way.

Layer Up

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Layering items like suit jackets, knitted cardigans and blazers can make your work look stylish and can add on warmth for the colder months. You can add 3 pieces to your capsule wardrobe. Choose what works the best for you and your workplace.

The right choice of shoes to wear to work is always important, not only when creating a capsule wardrobe. For a variety of looks, you can go for a pair of high heels and a pair of loafers. You can add a pair of boots for the colder months.

The right accessories can make even the plainest look chic and elegant. What accessories to include in your work capsule wardrobe? A belt or 2 for an instant outfit pump up, a watch and cute minimalist jewellery for the fashionista in you and a scarf or 2 styled in the right way. The good news is that you don’t have to choose right away – you can start with some and you can always add new pieces when you get bored. It’s the ultimate way of keeping your capsule wardrobe fresh and interesting.

Don’t Forget Your Style

You may think that creating a work capsule is hard work. It’s true, but once you’re done, you’ll see the many benefits of it in your everyday life. So why not make it easier? Forget the rules about numbers and colour palettes if it’s only stressing you out and create the capsule wardrobe you can only benefit from in the long run. Don’t forget your style! Remember that you can only enjoy dressing up every day for work if your capsule is full of items you like, so build it smart.