What Features Make the Perfect Motorcycle Helmet

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When it comes to motorcycling, there is so much protective equipment involved that one cannot help but doubt it whether they really need all of it. Well, one thing is for sure – you definitely need to have a good helmet whenever you go for a ride. Riders who don’t wear a motorcycle helmet while riding are at a high risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury if they get into an accident. Even if they are riding at a fairly low speed, they still need to have their head protected.

Some people think that purchasing the most expensive helmet is the best option, but that is not always true. You will want to choose a helmet that is comfortable and offers sufficient protection. This means that besides design and aesthetics, there are many other features you will need to consider in order to buy the right motorcycle helmet. Here are some of them.

Level of Shock Absorption

This is the most important quality of a motorcycle helmet. In the manufacturing process, the helmet’s shock absorption ability is tested using the Finite Element Method Analysis (FEM Technology), which allows engineers to immediately evaluate the helmet’s level of resistance and shock absorption. The higher they are, the better quality the helmet will be.

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Cutting-Edge Materials

The use of advanced materials is another prominent feature of a high-quality helmet. Nowadays, the best helmets are produced with Carbon-Kevlar external shells – a material that combines carbon and Kevlar fibres in an extremely resistant and light combination, ideal for a moto helmet. The internal materials should be tested in the most extreme conditions to determine their endurance and resistance under pressure. The paint and decals should also meet high standards to ensure the durability of the colours.


High-quality helmets often feature advanced ventilation systems to help keep the rider cool and prevent the face shield from fogging up while closed. Considering the fact that the more time you spend with your face shield fully closed, the safer you will be while on the road, vents are an important feature to consider.


You will probably feel very annoyed if there is a strap flapping wildly against the side of your neck while you ride at a fast speed. So, make sure your helmet has a way of securing the tag of the strap out of the way. Padded straps also offer better comfort, especially on long rides.


Being such an important tool for personal safety, helmets must follow the national and international laws and standards http://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/stayingsafe/motorcyclists/motorcyclehelmets.html. The certification includes a long process of testing where all the safety parameters of the helmet are carefully examined.