Flavor Drops to Add to Water So You Never Skip the Daily Recommended Dose


Though the fast paced life certainly took its toll on most people, considering there’s barely enough time for anything else other than work, the need to pay attention to our health is present more than ever. Our day to day errands make us engage so much that we have to trade our bonding moments with loved ones and enjoying delicious family meals for them, so it’s no surprise there’s an increase in the number of overweight people. When you’re hungry and pressed for time, of course you won’t go looking for grocery stores and get to prepare your own meals, but rather look for fast food places. Worse when you have their phone numbers on speed dial and you make your orders without even moving from your spot.


Making healthy changes is no easy thing and you are probably aware it actually takes a lot of effort in turning something into a habit, not just waiting for it to magically become automatic to you after 21 days. You might be surprised to see even when you’ve changed your diet, you’ve been consistent with sticking to it and resisting all the high-calorie tempting foods, your body still isn’t in its optimal state. With so many of our bodily processes depending largely on water, you’ll see this is where your answer lies. We hear it constantly from our close ones, TV and radio shows, we read about it in magazines and online blogs but how much do we actually find the time to drink all of the recommended daily dose of water? Then again, there are also those people who don’t even stand the taste of water let alone take more glasses of it per day. It can easily be solved by finding the flavor drops to add to water that will suit your taste and help you enjoy drinking water.


There are many ways the body loses water, be it through sweating, breathing or digestion and it’s thanks to water that we have our body wastes removed. By aiding with digestion, it also has a role in keeping your weight in balance. You might work out to the end of your strength, but if you’re not having your daily fluids intake, you won’t see much of a positive result. Instead of diluting sweetened juices, you can have your calorie-free flavor drops to add to water. The quality ones have no artificial ingredients and they consist of organic stevia. The different tasty flavors of lemon, strawberries, kiwi, mango, and peach among others, will surely make you want to stay healthy and drink up as much water as you can every day.

You can carry your pair of water bottle and flavor drops everywhere you go, and to be on the safe side without forgetting about your new healthy habit, look up water drinking apps to remind you.