The Most Popular Supplements for Gym-Goers


For anyone looking to add some muscles to their body frame, hitting the gym is a must! Spending quality time in the local gym makes you dream of how you’re going to be the next Arnold, desired by every woman and respected by millions of men. But, simply weight lifting is not all it takes to grow your biceps and triceps into Schwarzenegger-ian sets of curves. For guaranteed success you need to introduce proper nutrition into the mass-building equation.

Make no mistake, eating for muscle is as crucial as lifting for muscle. But in reality, we’re just too busy to mind what we eat. And that’s where supplements come in. These products are specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs we’re lacking while boosting the effects from going to the gym. Previously reserved only for athletes, today everyone can afford to buy gym supplements online or offline. However, only the right combination of supplements can put you on the path to becoming bigger, stronger and leaner. For this reason, here are some of the most popular and effective supplements praised by the best fitness gurus.Buy Gym Supplements Online

Whey Protein

Whey should top your list when you buy gym supplements online or from stores simply because it’s the most important micronutrient of all. It’s extracted from milk and later cleaned from any excess fats and carbohydrates to become the purest protein you can find. This quality protein is digested fast and supplies the body with the necessary fuel to jump-start the process of growing muscles.

Whey protein shakes and supplements should be consumed before and after a workout to promote synthesis of protein in the body and improve muscle recovery. Moreover, high-protein supplements are known for staving off hunger, making them the perfect snack in between meals. Supplementing with whey allows you to get the best of both worlds – speed up muscle gain and drop body fat.


Creatine is the ultimate king of all supplements that works in a number of ways. First of all, consuming creatine stimulates your muscles to produce phospocreatine which increases your endurance during high-intensity workouts. The fact that it’s the number one supplement used by performance athletes goes to show that creatine can boost your energy and strength so that you can lift heavier and longer.

Also called a “cell volumizer”, creatine is used by body-builders to make muscles fuller. This is because creatine has the incredible ability of attracting water to muscles which in turn inflates them and keeps them super-hydrated. Muscles have never looked better!


If creatine is the king, that glutamine is the prince just waiting to succeed to the throne. Glutamine is a supplement that became popular in recent years after numerous scientific studies supporting its effectiveness. And just like creatine, this supplement is involved in increasing performance endurance. But there’s far more to it. Supplementing with glutamine has shown to boost the immune system which is important because intense exercising puts stress on the muscles and organs of the body. Moreover, research has shown that glutamine helps produce more growth hormone important for building muscles.