Engineered Oak Flooring: Resilience and Charm in an Affordable Package


For everyone looking to add warmth and beauty to their home, nothing comes close to the look of hardwood. Unfortunately, the sky-high price of solid wood floors makes them unattainable for most of us. And the ones who can actually afford them, start hesitating once they hear how wood is prone to damage from moisture and is a hassle to install. But I got news for you! There is a much more resilient option out there and for a fraction of the price. And no, I’m not talking about the cheap knock off that are vinyl floors. The latest trend in flooring are engineered hardwood floors – they have the same charm of solid hardwood and can be installed in humid and hot areas where solid wood wouldn’t survive.

And if you want even greater protection, then oak is your choice of wood. Being one of the most prized domestic flooring, engineered wood oak flooring is famous for its resistance to scratches and dents. But oak is also a versatile decorative wood packed with potential. More than any other type of wood, oak comes with a unique and wide colour palette. Whether it’s a warm honey colour, a bold reddish shine or a sophisticated deep brown, oak can fit in anyone’s home design story. With a nice finish, it gains a charming glow that makes it look luxurious and worth triple the money you have paid for it.

But what exactly makes engineered wood oak flooring such a resilient option? The production process is half responsible for the amazing resilience of this floor. Engineered hardwood consists out of a core of hardwood or plywood which is covered with a veneer layer on the top surface. Due to this added protection layer, engineered hardwood displays exceptional moisture resistance and stability. The thicker the layer, the greater the protection. Now imagine what happens if you fortify an already sturdy material like oak with this process. You’ll get some kind of a super-floor, suitable for humid areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear from walking. It’s also a smart option for people with kids or pets running around.

Engineered hardwood also has the added benefit of coming in a variety of different thickness. This makes it an elegant option to use for transitions between areas. You can subtly bridge a transition between the kitchen and the dining area without having to trim down the door strip. If you want to save some money when renovating your home but not on the cost of ruining your interior design to suffer, go for this affordable and stylish flooring. Engineered oak flooring is truly a resilient and charming option that can last you for over 20 years, of course, depending on how you look after it.