Retro Design: Give Your Interior a Stylish Blast from the Past


Retro trends are back in a big way! Not only in fashion, but in interior design as well. Designers are inspired from the past and are delivering a stylish fuse of modern and vintage. If you’re considering adding some retro accents to your home and don’t know where to start from, read on and discover how to modernize your space in a throwback manner!

The Originality of Retro Design

Retro style refers to contemporary furniture and decor produced mostly after the Second World War and up to the ’80s. After the end of World War Two, in France and other European countries that have been devastated by the war, began a rapid post-war reconstruction. Along came a period of economic growth, which lasted until the mid-1970s. Those glorious years boosted creativity and innovation. Great things started happening in the furniture industry as well. Designers were daring, ready to produce minimalist pieces to gain the attention of the majority. And that’s how some interior elements such as the timeless retro coffee table, armchair, sofa and lighting coffee tables were born.

Many homeowners like to choose mid-20th century furniture that focuses on the ’30s – ’60s, while others prefer a trend from ’70s and ’80s. Embrace the one you like the most as it will fully resonate your personality. Chic and fashionable, retro décor will surely create a beautiful ambience in your home.

Pick a Retro Coffee Table Style as a Centrepiece

If you’re not ready to give your interior a complete makeover, simply get a retro centrepiece and see how it goes from there. A great idea would be to start with a new coffee table. The versatile retro coffee table designs on the market can fit into any existing design scheme from traditional to Scandinavian, contemporary or industrial. Here are some popular coffee table retro styles to choose from.

Wooden Coffee Table

Wooden retro coffee tables are great statement pieces for a living room. Very charmful and practical, a wooden coffee table with the recognisable funky retro design will bring just the right amount of playfulness to the space without offsetting the existing design. These tables are traditionally made from rich timber in dark wood or stain shades. They may also include iron legs for a bit of rustic charm.

Marble Coffee Tables

if you want to add luxurious retro-inspired sophistication, you can surely accomplish it with a beautiful marble coffee table. Mostly, these tables come in two combinations: a white marble top or a black marble tabletop. The base can be made of all sorts of materials ranging from marble to wood, granite and metal. If your house has a light and airy feel, you’ll definitely want to choose a white marble, and vice versa.

Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables look great in small areas. The glass is giving the illusion of having more space, but it’s important to choose your glass table carefully. Pick a good quality glass, as the last thing you want is your glass table getting cracked.

Metal Coffee Tables

Metal coffee tables have become a real hit with the retro and industrial interior design. You can choose from black iron to brass and achieve a beautiful art deco style!

Highlight the Style with Retro Lightening

It’s no surprise lightening was an integral part of retro interior décor. Whether it’s the metal arc floor lamp with the big lampshade popular back in the ’70s, ceiling lamps or vintage pendants from the 1960s, lightening can update your space in the classic retro fashion.

Pendant lighting can help you divide an open floor plan into distinct “rooms” and will add a vintage touch over a dining room table or in the middle of the living room. For a more nostalgic feel, position retro lamps on walls, floor, or simply over a shelf and achieve the playful yet tasteful atmosphere of past times.

Add Decorative Accessories That Bring Retro Appeal

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on large items of furniture, why not let yourself be won over retro accessories? They are sure to look stunning in any space. From retro clocks to mirrors in unusual shapes, brilliant chandeliers, curtains, side tables, vases are all elements that can bring you closer to the desired retro vibe. With the right throw pillows and a rug, you’ll have unique retro space that sets the perfect tone for your house.

Let Pop Culture Inspire You

Vintage charm has been present in fashion, television, automotive and filming industry for years now. Check out famous pop icons and celebrities and get inspired by their homes and personal style. You can also use pop culture as decor for your home. For instance, if you have an old poster from your favourite retro film, frame it and hang it on your walls as unique wall art.