Basketball Jerseys: Buying an NBA Jersey Online Explained


If you are looking for some Chicago Bulls jerseys, then you’ve come to the right place. Stop worrying about whether or not your current jersey is showing wear and tear. It’s time to treat yourself to a new one.

A basketball uniform can be a team’s identity. From the colours to the logos, it represents the entire team and city; therefore, choosing the right jersey is vital. You are not only buying a sports jersey but selecting a fashion statement as well.

New Era Bulls

The Chicago Bulls dynasty of the 1990s may have been a basketball team, but it was also an era. While the team dominated the basketball world, it was also a media phenomenon that helped change sports and society.

For one thing, the team had five Hall of Famers: Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Toni Kukoc and Ron Harper. Jordan himself was the second greatest player of all time, behind only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The Bulls went on a rampage in the 1990s, winning six championships between 1991 and 1998, and were coached by Phil Jackson – he was also the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers teams that won three straight titles starting in 2000.

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Throwback Jordan Jerseys

Most people these days dress a lot like the athletes they admire: baseball players wear baseball caps and shorts, basketball players wear sneakers and long shorts, hockey players wear hockey jerseys and helmets. Jordan was one of the first athletes to dress as his ideal self–and then make everyone else copy him.

But even more impressive than the way Jordan dressed was what he wore underneath his clothes: alligator shoes and polo shirts with the collar turned up. A lot of people have worn Jordans since, but very few have worn the clothes underneath them.

Types of Jerseys You Can Purchase:

Authenticated jerseys. These jerseys have been created by Nike and are usually sold from their online store. The downside is that they’re usually more expensive than other versions of the same jersey.

Tailored jerseys. These jerseys are made to look like authentic ones, but they aren’t endorsed by Nike or the NBA. They have details that an authentic jersey wouldn’t have, like a custom design that features your favourite player or team’s logo on the back.

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Find Out Where to Get Your New Bulls Jersey

The Chicago Bulls jersey tend to be less costly than other jerseys. The very best quality ones are more pricey, but they’re worth it. You will get what you shell out for when it comes to clothing. If you’re shopping for your favourite basketball player, you want to make sure that you will find a jersey that is of great quality and that it features all of the characteristics that you want, such as team emblem and player number.
Bulls jerseys were being sold all over the city of Chicago. The team had won three straight games against the New York Knicks, and there was a lot of enthusiasm surrounding them. The Bulls were one of the top teams in basketball at that time, and their fan base was growing rapidly.

But now, there are many places where you can buy your Bulls jersey. You can go to your local NBA store, or visit the website of the official NBA shop and buy one there. If you want to get one for a much cheaper price, then you should go online, to the website of a trusted seller that sells jerseys for cheap but with high quality.

The only thing you have to do is to make sure that the seller is reliable and that he sells only authentic jerseys. You have to be careful though because not all websites are reliable and they sell fake stuff. If you want to make sure you’ve bought an authentic Bulls jersey, then you have to make sure it has the tags in it and that it’s made by Nike, which is the official provider of NBA jerseys.

Get Your Bulls Basketball Gear Today!


What are you waiting for? Order your Chicago Bulls gear today and show your pride for the team!

While the Bulls have always been known for their exciting play and legendary players, they’ve also made history with their incredible merchandise. From classic retro jerseys to exclusive goods from today’s stars, Bulls fans have never been at a loss for ways to show off their team pride.

At the official NBA Store, you can shop a complete line of Bulls apparel, including T-shirts, shorts, jackets and even shoes. You can also check out the ultimate collection of Bulls collectibles, memorabilia and other exclusive goods.

Make Sure You Measure Your Chest Before You Buy One to Make Sure It Fits Correctly

One of the most common mistakes in buying a jersey is that people tend to pick their size by just looking at the jersey instead of measuring their chest. This can lead to buying one that does not fit you.

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It is best to get someone to help you measure for accuracy. Measure your body with a tape measure around the fullest part of your chest, under the armpits and around the shoulder blades. Make sure this measurement is done while wearing a light t-shirt because this will provide you with the most accurate measurement. Once you have measured yourself take this number and refer to the sizing chart above to find your jersey size. If your measurements fall in between two sizes choose the larger one since jerseys are cut larger than they used to be in order to have room for pads underneath. You should also keep in mind that jerseys do shrink over time so if after washing and drying yours it is still too big, then you should replace it with one that fits better.

It might seem like a lot of trouble, but once you know what size you wear, there is nothing more enjoyable than putting on a fresh new jersey for every game day!