Ethanol Fire Pits: Lovely Addition for Year-Round Outdoor Entertaining


With the cold season on its way, it’s natural to feel a little sad about not having great weather to make the most of outdoor living and entertaining as much as on warm days. But, if you still like the idea of making your outdoor space fit for fun year-round, then the addition of a fire pit can be the solution you so long for.

The lovely warm glow and the crackling fire sound are certainly two aspects to look forward to. However, what makes many out of this kind of investment is the fire maintenance and ash cleaning hassle, mainly due to thinking of the old-fashioned outdoor heating with wood and charcoal. With new and advanced ethanol gas fire pit designs, it’s possible to get more of the enjoyment and less of the hassle.

Are Ethanol Fires Good?

Yes because these are safe and healthy alternatives as they rely on bioethanol fuel which is a renewable source, as well as a clean-burning carbon-neutral alternative that doesn’t end up in dangerous smoke so you won’t have to experience bad odours during your great backyard party with foods and drinks.

This fuel is made from plant materials in the likes of corn and sugarcane, which are processed through fermentation and distillation to produce the alcohol. So, if you’re aiming for the real fire warmth experience without the cons that result from the wood, charcoal, or even natural gas, this is it. Not to mention, your lovely outdoor fun won’t be at the detriment of the environment given that this is a low carbon-footprint counterpart.

More on the Beauty of Ethanol Fire Pits

Ethanol fire pit

Yes, there’s more to these lovely outdoor features than mere advantages with the fuel and the burning. Besides being a sustainable option, these heat sources that work with ethanol are also a cost-effective one at that since the fuel is affordable, and can burn a considerable time – up to four to five hours at a time based on the model of gas fire pit you get.

This cost-effectiveness can further be seen and experienced in terms of the installation. Given that the setup is pretty easy and straightforward, which isn’t the case with natural gas models, for example, you can take care of the installation yourself without needing any professional or technical backup. The savings also expand to time-savings as you don’t have to wait up to add it to your outdoor space and enjoy it.

Another one of their benefits is that they offer versatility. This is an aspect we can view from different points, one in terms of models differing in sizes and styles, and the other in terms of placement. With the first, you have the flexibility to pick from a vast array of designs, choosing based on preference, available space, plus budget, knowing there are types of ethanol firepits that range in colour, shape, and size.

Some can be added to a table setting, and others can function as statement pieces used on their own as the central part of the gathering party. As for the latter point of view, you have the flexibility to add the heater source anywhere you please since you’re not restricted as in the case with the one that works with natural gas or wood.

This feature is possible only because these fire pits aren’t as dangerous as the others, which also offers you the chance to use some models indoors too taking into account there’s no need to ventilate any harmful fumes and odours. What can give you peace of mind regarding safety is the fact most of the models available at the stores come with safety properties such as instant ignition and shut-down.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about dealing with logs, charcoal, or embers and sparks flying around, giving you the possibility to sit close by and enjoy the warmth. For those sharing the home with kids and pets, this is a huge advantage as it eliminates the risk of accidents and burns.

While we’re at warmth, this is probably something you like to consider too, especially for a heater you’d like to use well through the cold day entertaining season. You won’t be disappointed here either considering the outdoor ethanol fire pits have a high output, despite appearances. Keep the 3kWh per litre of fuel in mind when you worry about whether a pit like this would keep everyone warm.

Lastly, these are heating features that can significantly boost the aesthetic. You may not initially buy them for this purpose, but you’d certainly come to appreciate the way they enhance the overall setting with the warm and flickering flames they give off. The result you can expect to get is a pleasant and soothing atmosphere that provides a high amount of cosiness – the recipe for having a great time even as the temperatures drop!