Lakers Gift Ideas: Make Your Laker Fan Happy


Everyone knows the LA Lakers. They are one of the most successful teams in the NBA that gets stronger with time. Why? They always had the most talented players on their team, including the great Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, and many other basketball giants. With such a long and successful history, it’s no surprise they have such a devoted fan base.

So, what do you get a Laker fan as a present? Well, if you want to give them something meaningful and make them as excited as when the Lakers win, then a Laker-themed gift is the best choice. From Kobe Bryant jerseys to Laker phone cases, your friend will be jumping for joy. So, here is a list of Lakers-inspired gifts for you to look at and find the perfect one for your die-hard Lakers fan in your life.

Kobe Bryant Jerseys

Kobe Bryant, or “The Black Mamba” as he called himself, is one of the greatest legends in the NBA. During his 20-year career playing for the LA Lakers, he was a shooting guard and a small forward. He won many awards, among which were five NBA championships, one MVP, and two Finals MVP awards.

So, if your friend or family member is a huge Kobe fan, the most meaningful gift you can give them is a set of Bryant jerseys. Whether it is as a birthday gift or a Christmas gift, it will warm their hearts and celebrate the legacy of this great legend. But which jersey to get? After all, Kobe was known to wear several designs over the course of his career. Here are his most popular ones.

bryant basketball fans

Your fan probably knows every match by heart. So, why not refresh their memory with the #8 Lakers’ classic purple jersey that “The Black Mamba” wore from 1999-2000? This throwback jersey has a black band on the left shoulder. It was to honour the passing of Wilt Chamberlain, another NBA legend. It’s an authentic jersey made from a 100% polyester mesh body.

Or, how about surprising them with an authentic # 24 Lakers’ classic purple jersey throwback that Kobe wore during the 2006-2007 season? It was the first season where instead of wearing the No.8, Kobe wore the No. 24. He switched to #24, the number he had when playing for Lower Merion High School. This was one of the most memorable seasons in the legend’s career. Of course, for all the fans as well.

On January 22, 2006, Kobe scored unbelievable 81 points in a single game against the Toronto Raptors. But the star didn’t stop there. He ended the 2007 season with ten 50-plus point games, finishing only second to Wilt Chamberlain. That is why this classic Kobe Bryant jersey throwback will make your friend or family member relive the spectacular moments when the star shone the brightest on the basketball court.

You can also get Kobe Bryant jerseys from previous seasons in the Lakers’ classic yellow jersey, the alternate light blue Lakers jersey worn as a homage before moving to LA in 1960, and others.

Lakers Phone Cases

If you are still not sure what to get your Laker fan friend or family member, why not go for something small yet impactful like a phone case? Just like you, everyone is on their phones most of the time. Why not use that and get them a Laker-themed phone case? That way, they can always carry their favourite team wherever they go and show off their favourite players.

lakers phone cases

There are Laker themed phone cases for Android and iPhone as well. If you know their favourite player, you can go for Kobe Bryant iPhone case or Lebron James phone case with a crown on his head. One way you can’t go wrong is choosing a phone case in purple and yellow, the iconic jersey colours of the Lakers, with the “Los Angeles Lakers” logo printed in the middle. There are many more options that you will be spoilt for choice.

Hats and Beanies

It wouldn’t be a complete list without some good ol’ Lakers’ hats and beanies. If you see your Lakers fan wearing hats or beanies most of the time, then why not enrich their hat collection by giving them a Lakers-themed one? They can wear the hats all year round. Also, they can show off their favourite team wherever they go, especially when going to a Lakers game.

lakers white hat


Even though socks are often overlooked as a boring gift, they make an excellent present. It is a great way to show someone you care about them. When your Laker fan sees the ultrasoft and stretchy socks with a familiar purple colour, they will be thrilled. Or maybe you can get them a pair of their favourite player, such as Anthony Davis. They can show them off when going to a Lakers game, plus their feet will stay warm and perfectly snug in their shoes. Most importantly, they will think of you whenever they put on their amazing socks.


Who doesn’t love a comfy hoodie? But a purple and gold hoodie with “Lakers” printed on it is a great piece for any Lakers fan. It is warm and cosy, and they are wearing their favourite team.

d booker wearing lakers hoodie


Laker keyrings are one of those gifts that you can never go wrong with, and for a good reason. They are small, yet they are important and keep all of your keys in one place. You can get them the classic “Los Angeles Lakers” logo, or you can get an acrylic LeBron James Lakers’ keyring. You can choose whatever you think they will like the most. But most importantly, they will always think of you whenever they take out their keys.

To sum up, getting the perfect gift for the people you care about the most is difficult. However, if they are devoted Lakers fans, you already know what they want. So, try looking for Lakers-themed gifts in your search for the perfect gift. No Lakers fan will be able to stay indifferent when they see their favourite team and players. So, grab some popcorn and join them in watching the game. Go Lakers!