The Top Benefits and Features of a Door Retainer Catch


A door retainer is a very convenient solution when you want to keep pets away or prevent kids from entering storage rooms and areas they shouldn’t be in. They are affordable accessories which can add to the safety and security of your door locks. They are typically made of quality polished steel or aluminum for lasting durability. And the best thing about them? You install them once and they will safeguard your privacy for years on end without having to maintain or fix them too often. Let’s take a look at the rest of their benefits and features.


  • In most cases, the quality of a good door retainer surpasses the one of a regular gate retainer as they usually have a chain that can get tangled up and it isn’t as strong. The build of a door retainer catch is way stronger and sturdier while there are no complications that can occur regarding the locking mechanism. Unlike a gate retainer catch, they can’t destroy the finish of both the door and its frame.
  • These door retainers are suitable for new doors, as well as for retrofitting or replacing old, worn-out retainers. There are even some models on the market that can be pulled down vertically against the door frame in a rest position.
  • A door retainer catch is a very convenient solution for hotel doors as it prevents guests from entering rooms by accident. They are also a good addition to the guestroom doors at your property as they help to further ensure guest security.
  • By using a door retainer, guests can easily identify staff or other visitors before allowing them to enter the room. Plus, if used accordingly, it is also a good door accessory that can prevent intruders from getting in when the door is opened.
  • Installing a door retainer can be typically done in a couple of quick steps. The main thing to do is exchange the removable ring that usually comes with it and you’re good to go. It can be easily mounted on any flush or overlapping (rebated) door.


  • There’s no additional space needed just for the mechanism because, in a way, the whole retainer is a mechanism itself, which means it is not bulky and can be easily installed on most door types without disturbing the aesthetics of the door.
  • Some door retainers even have the ability to hang vertically on the frame when they are not in use, which is more convenient as the retainer won’t be in the way when people are passing through.
  • Every single part of the door retainer catch is held by well-hidden and strong screws that help keep the whole construction together without interfering with the simple design of the retainer.