Spice Up Your Gin and Tonic with Garnishes and Botanicals


A glass of gin and tonic can save any day. The fresh and little sharp taste of this cocktail is one of the most popular ones worldwide. Given the fact that due to the pandemic now we can’t really go to cocktail bars or clubs, it’s time to become your own cocktail maker and learn some tricks to make your own cocktails.

Gin and tonic on their own are great, but oftentimes, this drink is enriched with garnishes such as fruits, herbs and spices that give it a heavenly taste. Feel like trying this at home? Just go online, buy a gin botanical kit and follow one of the recipes below.

What’s Gin Garnish

Gin and Tonic with Garnishes and Botanicals

A plain gin and tonic is one thing (we’ve all drank it), but adding a garnish can emphasize the taste and scent of the drink. All that can be done with a few regular spices you otherwise use for your main dishes. By adding a cucumber slice, black pepper or cinnamon you’ll create a gin garnish. So, if you haven’t tried this trend so far, maybe you should add some extra flavour to your gin.

Herbs, spices, and fruits can make your favourite drink ten times better. The gin garnish varies from country to country, so a glass of gin in Spain won’t taste the same as a glass of gin in Australia. And that’s the beauty of the garnish – the creative diversity and mix of flavours.

Which Gin Tonic Garnishes to Try?

Which Gin Tonic Garnishes to Try

If you want to try something new, you can add a garnish to your gin. If you want to try some new flavours, get a gin botanical kit. These kits contain various garnishes such as fresh chilli, coriander, cinnamon, black pepper and it takes just a little to add a new flavour to your drink. Here are the best gin garnishes.

Black Pepper

If you love a savoury note, then your gin and tonic deserve a little black pepper. The rhapsody that black pepper gives to this drink (especially when you add a few ripe strawberries) will create spice, heat and sweetness. Just the right combo to finish a long day, celebrate a great day, or simply relax with your favourite people.


Cinnamon gin and tonic

Even though many people see gin and tonic as a summer drink, it’s not forbidden to have a glass or two in winter. In fact, there is no rule that this drink can’t be indulged for Christmas. Pour your gin and tonic into a glass, add a few orange slices and add a cinnamon stick and a bit of nutmeg. This is such a perfect mix of flavours; it’s ideal to curl up in a blanket by the fire and enjoy the scent and the taste.


This herb is also a great gin and tonic garnish. Often associated with homemade curry, the citrus flavour of the coriander will complete the garnish for a crisp gin and tonic. Add a few slices of lime or a red or green chilly, squeeze some lime juice over the cocktail and add a few slices of cucumber. In the end, add the coriander and voila – your gin and tonic never tasted or smelled fresher.

Fresh Chilli

gin and tonic with couple of slices of fresh red chilli

How about adding some fresh chilli? It sounds like a challenge that you’d want to take. Add a couple of slices of fresh red chilli. Be sure to remove the seeds from the chilly and cut off the stem before adding them to your gin and tonic. You want to add a little warmth to your drink, not to set yourself on fire. The seeds carry the super hot flavour, but they aren’t very pleasant when they get stuck in between your teeth.


gin and tonic with mix fresh lime

Lemongrass is another exotic plant, that gives a lovely citrus flavour gin and tonic. Remove the tough external leaves and cut a few pieces of the tender inner stalks. You can also mix fresh lime and even add ginger beer over the ice. Stir this mix with the gin and tonic and enjoy the crazy mix of flavours and scents.


Rhubarb gin tonic

Use a vegetable peeler to cut aesthetic slices of the rhubarb. If you’re creative, you can even make small ribbons off the fruit. It will add lovely reddish-pink curls of tart into your gin and tonic. Add ice, 60ml gin, 15ml Spritz Syrup and a dash of rhubarb ml of tonic, and just a little amount of rhubarb. Stir gently and then add pink peppercorns. This is a quick and tasty recipe for your next favourite gin and tonic.

Mango & Peach

These two fruits can emphasize the juniper notes in the gin. For a better taste, add a sprig of thyme. If you want to make a fruit puree, choose ripe fruits. Add ice in your glass, one-two shots of gin, a few mint leaves and the mango and peach to garnish. You can even freeze the small pieces of mango and peach and use them as fruity ice cubes.

Tips to Use Gin Tonic Garnishes

When using a twist of citrus peel, like orange or lemon, gently twist the skin over the drink or rub the peel around the rim of the glass. This way all the fragrant oils and aromas in the peel will come out and add a better scent to the drink. When garnishing with a lime or lemon wedge, squeeze it before putting it into the glass. The wedge that’s not squeezed will float on top of the glass and won’t do anything for the drink. You need that flavour and scent to mix with the gin and tonic; it’s not only decoration. Soft herbs should be crushed so they can release a fresh aroma on top of the drink