Give Your Teeth the Beauty Treatment They Need



Your personal dentist can perform a variety of procedures, from subtle changes to major repairs that will give your teeth a long lasting and happy life. In the modern days, dentistry is not only about taking out and filling teeth, it’s also about aesthetics. This means that your dentist is no longer only a doctor, but an artist as well. Dentistry requires a thorough knowledge of dental anatomy, skills, a proper use of dental materials and a good eye for creating a beautiful smile. And just like you go to the beauty salon to make your face pretty, you can ask your dentist for a special cosmetic dentistry treatment that will make your teeth pretty.

Oral care provides a wide range of services among which cosmetic dentistry has taken a great lead in the last few years. People are not only visiting their dentist for health reasons, but they are taking care of their look as well. It seems that the aesthetic side of dentistry has made a real change in our lives because people are whitening their teeth every day, they use tooth implants, veneers that will alter the length of their teeth etc. These are the most common cosmetic dentistry services provided by the dental offices:

Teeth Whitening

This is one of the most basic cosmetic dentistry procedures also known as teeth bleaching. Before whitening the teeth, any plaque, tartar or other debris that are found on the tooth should be cleaned from its surface and that way restore its natural appearance. It is the most popular and most used cosmetic dentistry procedure until today and its proven to be really effective and painless. Some people go to their dentist’s office every day for a whitening if they want to make disappear some stains or if they want a whiter tooth shade. It all depends on the patient’s needs.


Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are made individually for every patient to resemble one’s natural teeth look. They can resolve a number of cosmetic problems like crooked teeth, gaps between two teeth, poor shape, too small or too big teeth and many more. Typically they are made out of porcelain or some kind of medical – grade ceramic, last longer than bonding and are way cheaper than crowns. If elaborated properly, veneers are strong enough to withstand normal brushing and flossing. However, when you eat nuts or other type of hard food, it’s better to use your other teeth and avoid destroying or cracking your veneers.

Dental Implants

Replacing a lost tooth is a piece of cake with dental implants. The dentist will insert a small titanium screw into the jaw of the patient which will serve as a support for the crown. Tooth implants are the best and safest way to fill in your missing tooth that will last for a lifetime if taken care of properly. They are the best alternative to bridges and to removable dentures. It’s definitely one of the most expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures available, but it’s a life-long and great solution for your fallen teeth.

Composite Bonding

This procedure refers to the repair of damaged, decayed or disclosed teeth using material that looks like the natural tooth color. Composite bonding effectively covers the damaged tooth and gives a healthy tooth look that’s available for almost every patient because it’s not so expensive. The dentist will drill out the tooth decay (if the patient has it) and will apply the composite onto the tooth’s surface, sculpt it into the right shape and cure it with a high intensity light. And after that, you’re good go and you can smile as much as you like.